Emerging Artist St. Vincent

Like a major scale haunted by a single blue note, there's an undercurrent of tension resonating throughout Annie Clark's music. The songwriter/multi-instrumentalist's persona, St. Vincent, exists in paroxysms between the fictions she dreams are realities and the realities she prays are fictions. While this discord threatens to throw her character's life into disarray, the artist in Clark handles it like two slightly detuned guitar strings, weaving its dissonance into a lush heartbeat. It's this vibrant pulse that gives life to St. Vincent's music, making her lyrics more sincere through their fantasies and her music more beautiful through its sorrow.

Hearing Clark's commanding presence as a frontwoman today, it's difficult to believe that she spent her early musical career in the background. As one of nine children in a gregarious Oklahoma family, Clark first took to songwriting as an escape to the solace of her bedroom rather than a call to center stage. From this furtive beginning, she went on to attend the Berkley School of Music, and soon after joined the touring band of indie guru Sufjan Stevens....

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