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    5th Sun Biography

    The debut single, "Aver Aver" by 447 Ltd/Loud Records artists, Fifth Sun, is getting spins on KBMB - Sacramento, KDON Monterey-Salina, XHTZ-San Diego, KBOS-Fresno, KISV-Bakersfield, KPSI-Palm Springs and KCAQ-Santa Barbera. "Aver Aver" is already one of the top songs played in clubs in the Sacramento, San Diego, and Santa Barbera areas. .447 Ltd. in partnership with Loud Records is taking "Aver Aver" nationwide through it's marketing and promotions efforts.

    The Mexican trio, Fifth Sun, has been perfecting their rhyme styles and vocal delivery for the past 8 years while performing live shows on the West Coast. Their raw, gritty ability showcased on "Aver Aver" won them "The Battle of The Joints" on Power 106 in Los Angeles.

    The quintessential club song, Aver Aver is a call to all club-goers and hip hop heads, Latin or otherwise. "She's a freak homes...You shouldn't trust lines repeated every night... Nothing personal...Hottest clubs, Chingon, king of all kings. Beauty queens dancing on the scene... If looks can kill, then I guess it be war... Me, you, and you and you, let's all rendezvous. Your crew and my crew, hip hop and rock, let's do what we gon' do."

    "Aver Aver" is produced by Prophecy Entertainment and The Producers Coalition of America, whom are best known for their production credits with Busta Rhymes, Destiny's Child and MOBB Deep.

    Fifth Sun's debut album is scheduled for release during the 2nd quarter of 2001.

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