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    Adam F Biography

    "I think that Adam F is one of the most blazin' upcoming producers out there on the hip hop side. He knows what he's doing. He's official. I think he has the potential to become a Dr Dre." LL COOL J

    Following his 1998 MOBO award winning debut album 'Colours' (featuring the top 20 hits 'Circles', 'Brand New Funk' and 'Music In My Mind'), Adam F presents 'KAOS', a brand new US-made LP. Full to the brim with superstar collaborations: LL Cool J, Redman, MOP, Capone 'n' Noreaga, De La Soul, Beenie Man, Siamese, Pharaoh Monch, Carl Thomas and Guru. Adam F makes records that both define and defy the times. 'KAOS' is visionary stuff.

    Adam started with a handful of demos that Def Jam fell in love with, passed onto LL Cool J who enlisted Adam to produce 'Take It Off' for his recent 'G.O.A.T.' LP. LL was so rapt with the results that he demanded the LP's title track be re-recorded with Adam even though that meant the albums release was delayed three weeks. The result led to LL saying Adam was the next Dr Dre while Tim Westwood had to rewind 'G.O.A.T' five times on his Radio 1 Rap show.

    "I produced a track for LL called 'Take It Off' for his album, and the 'G.O.A.T.' was initially something I'd produced for my album," Adam recalls. "But when he first heard it, he said 'I gotta rock to this! I gotta have it!'" with the result that it ended up on Adam's new album 'KAOS' and LL Cool J's first US Billboard No. 1 album. Def Jam were so impressed with Adam that it led to him working with Missy Elliot and Lady Luck.

    Next, armed with a tape of a new track he'd been working on which featured a 70-piece orchestra and a 60-strong choir singing the notorious emcee's name, Adam met Redman after the rapper's gig in Los Angeles. "He'd just come off stage, he had a towel round his head and he was smoking a blunt."

    "And he was like, 'What the fuck they saying?' I explained they were singing 'Redman, Redman'. And he says, 'How the fuck they know my name?! This shit is crazy!'. By the time the track was finished Redman knew he wanted it for a single on his new album 'Malpractice'. 'Smash Sumthin' will also be Adam's first single with a video shot in LA by Dave Myers (director for the likes of Missy Elliot and Sisqo).

    "When people hear this in a club it's gonna be like whoa, that shit's bananas! It's like. it's over man!" REDMAN

    Sessions progressed in a familiar pattern, with Adam crafting the beats in studios in London and the southeast, flying with the tapes to New York where vocals were laid down before returning to his 48-track studio at home for mixing. The vocalists had very different approaches: CNN and Beenie Man had their crews in the studio jumping around to create an atmosphere, whereas the De La Soul and Pharoah Monch sessions were more personal, just 1-on-1 artist and producer.

    "The consistency in 'KAOS' is a visual thing which comes from the drama in the production," says Adam. "There is a whole vibe to the album - Redman's talking about a Frankenstein monster version of himself being brought to life by electricity; Huggybear and Beenie Man take you through this idea of the Dirty Harry that's inside everyone and Guru and Carl Thomas sing about karma - what goes around comes around. The album is called 'KAOS' because the year and a half putting it together has been a complete creative KAOS.

    "I make music from within, from my emotions and moods. And the way I see it, when you buy an artist's album, you buy into the last two or three years of that person's life, what they've been inspired by and how they want to express it."

    'KAOS' sounds like Puffy meets Rockwilder via Timbaland. Chuck in a few Steven Spielberg movie soundtracks and some special FX and you're halfway there.

    "What can you say about Adam F? He's the bomb producer. 2001? It's over, believe it." BEENIE MAN

    "From the 'KAOS' project this Redman joint is ridiculous. Five weeks at No.1 on the Westwood chart, this is the hottest beat blazing up the streets right now from Funkmaster Flex in NYC to UK...Adam F...this shit is big baby." TIM WESTWOOD

    "This shit is crazy! Adam F be doing it! The 'KAOS' project is BIG!!" ROCKWILDER

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