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Adam Richman is an indie-pop whiz kid who makes his own recordings in his parents' basement in Allentown, PA. He has been touring since 2001 and has played close to 400 shows. He's sold thousands of copies of two DIY albums full of raw emotion and catchy pop hooks. Now he's ready for more!

Growing up in the cultural vacuum of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Richman made it through the childhood and teenage years with one ear to the radio and the other to a multi-track tape recorder. In his formative years he drew his inspiration from the Monkees, Nine Inch Nails, Michael Jackson and Nirvana, among others. After a year of college at the obsessively bureaucratic George Washington University, Richman began pursuing his music career and writing a ream of precociously catchy songs. With an acoustic debut album made in his apartment he quit school, packed up his Geo Prism and toured the country with axe in hand, playing mostly for small college audiences and building an active fan base of student programmers and their roommates, who were usually dragged to the shows. Two hundred and fifty dates later, with a well-honed set, he realized he was gaining notoriety.

Richman's songwriting has always been powerful. Though characteristically friendly, his songs almost always control an accelerated bite, a roughness that's particularly exposed at his live shows. On record, his music is lush and layered, as if there was an arsenal of rockers behind him. But there isn't. Instead, there is just one young, versatile newcomer, playing every instrument and performing the sonic experiments of producer, engineer and mixer - in a suburban basement.

Richman's devotion to creative independence has made his career a decidedly painstaking one, driven by the dangling carrot of musical euphoria. So it's not surprising that he doesn't plan to rest on any safe, well-groomed laurels. With traces of pop, punk, and rock n roll, he makes records for listeners who steer clear from the skip button. Sure, any of his tracks are excellent on their own, but in series they invariably make up a perfected ebb and flow of mood and style from the frenetic to the tranquil.

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