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"Versatility melody, and chops above and beyond the rest of the pack."

-Michael Fath (Solo Artist and Author)


The instrumental tracks on Adrian Galysh's debut release, Venusian Sunrise (Electric Mayhem Records),

draw from an eclectic variety of influences including hard rock, new age, classical, and world music,

combining them to form a vivid and expressionistic experience. Adrian's compositions are powerful and

bursting with expressive energy, but it takes only one listen to know Adrian is deeply in love with the



Venusian Sunrise is a departure from most instrumental rock guitar albums. "I find that most guitar

albums are very one dimensional, I wanted to avoid that." Adrian continues, "... on all of my tunes I

wanted to include instrumentation besides the guitar. I incorperated strings, piano and various percussion

to the compositions. For some of the pieces the results were powerful and lush, others wer simple and



Adrian started playing the guitar at age twelve, taking years of private lessons in the rock, jazz, and

classical idioms. Adrian Galysh began amazing audiences and critics alike at a young age winning the Best

Jazz Soloist award (Fiesta-Val Invitational) two years in a row and third place at the Pittsburgh Guitar

Wars competition while still a teenager. Adrian Galysh earned his degree in music at Duquesne University,

where he studied jazz guitar, classical piano, and majored in the Recording Arts and Science program.

There he also performed with the touring fusion ensemble, Paradigm, which gained him experience

performing in front of thousands and on national television.


Besides performing with his own band and as a soloist, Adrian is highly visible in the music market as an

endorsee and clinician for Brian Moore Custom Guitars, S.I.T. Strings, Digitech, and Peavey.


Adrian currently keeps busy as a leading session player and record producer in the Washington DC area,

lending his talents to projects varying in style from country to progressive rock.


As for the future, Adrian plans to continue developing as an instrumental composer and persue high profile

performance situations.

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