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Born as Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro on December 18th 1968 in Madrid, Spain, music was always in his house because of his father Jesus Sanchez Madero. As a musician and member of flamenco groups such as "El trio juventud" and "Los tres de la bahia" Alejandro's chilhood memories was with his guitar, practicing several chords with the unique passion of an a great musician, until one day when his modther was in a really bad mood and broke his instrument in the head.

By the time he was ten, he already written his own compositions. Then in his early teens he moved with his family from his hometown in Pueblo Nuevo to Moratalaz. As soon as he graduated from high school he started to study at the Mortalaz' Technology Institute, where he was spelled because of chating up with girls there. Even his success with tem his real love was Martha, who inspired Alejandro to write love poems and there was a time he told her his feelings in front of all of their close friends...but Olga (Martha's sister) gave him his first kiss after Alejandro gave up to conquest Martha's love.

Alejandro escaped from home several times and spended time in Galicia and Andalucia, singing and playing his guitar in bars in order to get food and a room where he could rest and compose. Later he was teaching guitar lessons for a while with his uncle Miguel Angel Ardenas, who would become his producer. By the time they got togeter, Alejandro Started to work in records sessions making the choirs because he needed the money for to pay some debts he had, especially with his own father (He lended Alejandro some money in order to buy a new guitar).

At sixteen, he got his first money form music: five thousand pesetas. He lauched his first album "Los Chulos son pa' cuidarlos" under the pseudonym of Alejandro Magno (what a ridiculous name!). This work is a curious and cool techno-flamenco style. It wouldn't be so bad to try it.

After that album he showed a demo-tape at Hispanovox Records, that they rejected because of terrible opinions about Alejandro's composing talent they had. Producers proposed him to let that responsibility to composer Piero Casano but he didn't accept of course. He continuously made auditions until WEA records offered him an interesting contract and his demo-tape became a success in the album "Viviendo Deprisa".

Since that moment Alejandro got the fame and the amaze of fans in each presentation he made in Europe and Latin America. Even so, he feels such a frustration because of not to conclude his education and, to improve himself, he constantly read and write; both are his other passions. Alejandro's favorite writers ar Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Rosalia de Castro, Miguel Hernandez, Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others. Before he go to sleep he almost always read or write.

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Born : December 18, 1968 // Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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