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Most people who meet Alessandro Safina for the first time are immediately taken in by his strikingly good looks, captivating smile and warm sense of humor. Not until they see him perform, however, do they get a true sense of who he really is: a man whose passion is fiercely ignited by his first love -- music.

Born in the small medieval town of Siena, Italy in 1968, Alessandro Safina discovered his passion for opera singing at an early age. His mother nurtured his enthusiasm by teaching him its history while, at the same time, his father's love of singing served as an inspiration. By the age of 9, the little boy from Siena decided to devote himself completely to opera. Safina has already performed on stage across Europe depicting characters from the most famous operas including Puccini's La Boheme and Tchaykovski's Eugene Onegin. Audiences have marveled at the depth of his voice and the intensity of his style and passion.

Unlike most artists of his generation, the 33-year old Safina did not begin listening to pop music until the age of 17. Though he was consumed and completely driven by his love of classical music to this point, he suddenly found himself equally inspired by pop music and quickly became a fan of Genesis, The Clash, Simple Minds and his favorite band U2 with whom he has found great influence.

His love of both musical genres evoked a craving for creativity. While he loved singing the adored and well-known pieces left behind for us by classical masters such as Puccini or Verdi, he yearned to part of something new- something that would allow him to express himself musically without having to choose between the two styles. To Alessandro, passion knows no boundaries and is the same intrinsic element found in all music that moves it pop, opera, or rhythm and blues. He saw no reason to stay within the confines of musical categorization.

The recent "crossover" success of some of the newer generation of opera singers - for whom Alessandro has great admiration - served as an inspiration and great source of hope. He found it encouraging that opera was beginning to reach more people than ever before. Still he felt much could be done to break down the barriers between classical and pop music.

During this same time, Alessandro was discovered by world-renowned musician and composer Romano Musumarra. Musumarra, whose body of work has spanned every area of music over the past 25 years, saw in Alessandro a strength and sensuality which he had never quite seen before. He knew that Alessandro was unique and wanted the opportunity to work with him. Having been a fan of Musumarra's for years, Alessandro immediately agreed. Together with producer Eric Ghenassia, the three men met and quickly realized that they each shared the same vision - to develop a soulful new pop opera music.

Driven by this new challenge, Alessandro took a break from touring to collaborate with Musumarra and Ghenassia on the project at hand. One song led to the next until the musical adventure on which they had embarked was complete.

ALESSANDRO SAFINA is a totally original collaboration and is Safina's debut album. It fulfills the pioneering spirit which fueled the project and its' groundbreaking sound is immediately evident in the record's first track and single entitled "Only You/Luna." In this song, a heavy hearted, melodic and female chorus hauntingly fades into the background making way for Safina's very powerful and dark tenor. It begins with a sweet instrumental and quickly progresses to an intense outpouring of emotion and sound.

Though this Italian tenor who grew up singing Puccini is more than aware of the difference between the two styles of music, he finds that the two share the same poignant power he has always loved. "It's not easy to create something new. It's a sort of classical pop music, the soul of which is very Italian."

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