Alexis Korner Biography

Born: 19th April 1928, Paris, France.

Died: 1st January 1984, London, England.

Korner had travelled with his parents through Switzerland and North Africa before settling in London as a 12 year-old. He grew up listening to the early blues pioneers and his music career as guitarist & singer really began with engagements in Ken Colyer & Chris Barber bands.

In 1956 Korner met Cyril Davis, with whom he founded the famed blues club in Ealing and the band Blues Incorporated. Their aim was to play 'real' and uncompromising blues - probably the first 'electric British blues' bands - becoming a platform for the careers of those such as Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Jack Bruce, Charlie Watts any many others.

Davis left in 1963 and Blues Incorporated disbanded in 1967. The following years saw Korner in many bands, most of them short-lived: "Free At Last", "New Church" and "Snape". From the late 60's Korner toured, often as "Duo" [Duo (6)] - for instance with Peter Thorup, but mostly with bassist Colin Hodgkinson. By the late 70's Korner gained recognition as a Radio DJ & broadcaster, continuing to record sporadically, with bands such as C.C.S. & Snape. His 50th birthday all-star concert was released as "The Party Album". In 1981 he worked in a new direction with the band Rocket 88, prior to his death from lung cancer in 1984.

His daughter Sappho Gillett [aka Sappho Korner] & son 'Nico' (Nicholas) are now musicians and his other son Damian Korner is a sound engineer.

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