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Formed in 1986 in New York City, Alice Donut was quickly signed by Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label, where it released 7 albums and numerous singles. Furious touring across the States, Europe and Japan cemented the band with a large cult-like underground following.

A band for the sweaty freaks, hyper-literate fringe dwellers, paranoid misanthropes and worshipers of the 100-watt mosh, Alice Donut is impossible to categorize within a genre. Mixing garage, folk, punk, metal, Kurt Weill, noise, glam and danzon with shamelessly inappropriate harmonies, the music is a disorienting hybrid of chaos and hooks. Ugly to bombastic to melodramatic to banjo-picking to spastic to Sabbath on a trombone. The lyrics veer between heartfelt little stories about twisted losers to self indulgent delusions of grandeur.

Alice Donut has made a career of making the wrong music at the wrong time for the wrong people and somehow making it, oddly, right. In 1996, Alice Donut played their 1000th show to a packed house in London, then went, exhausted, back to NYC and called it quits.

In 2003, the band re-emerged re-energized and released a new album, Three Sisters, on Howler Records.

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