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Brooklyn's Ambulance LTD are helping the ongoing resurrection of the British shoegazer movement. What sets them apart from this neo-invasion is the fact that their LP is far beyond an homage to an obscure four-year period in alt-rock. It's one of those albums, that you find yourself asking, "is this still the same band?"

Bassist Matt Dublin took a few moments out of the heat of the Coachella festival to journal his thoughts for us.

7:00 a.m. Woke up after having had strange dream in which Mark from The Killers wanted to cover one of our songs, but he had to use my old Vox Panther bass to do it, which looked really weird because he’s so damn tall and the Panther’s a miniature student model from the late 60’s. Then I noticed that I didn't have any pants on but there was no one in the club anyway, so it wasn't as intense as one of those went-to-school-with-just-your-underware-on dreams; I have had those a lot. The appointed time to meet at our rehearsal space (the "music building", a big run-down warehouse on 8th ave in Manhattan) was 7:45 a.m. so I raced out of my apartment to get there on time, knowing we had a flight to LAX because we're playing the Coachella festival the next day. It turns out that this was way too early to be there, because our flight was at 11:00. I guess I forgot that our manager has been in the business long enough to know that musicians do not, or more precisely, are totally incapable of operating in the real/adult world which requires timely and, even worse, responsibility.

So, if she really needs us to be somewhere at a certain time (11:00) she better allow for at least most of the band being 45 to 50 minutes late, which of course is exactly what happened, so she tricks us like golden retrievers. Suffice it to say, I could have been in bed longer, continuing my dream to its logical conclusion, wherein I become the musical director of The Killers, find some pants and sell mint chutney at out of the Bravery’s merch booth.

When we got to the airport, we had a possible indie rock celebrity sighting, (we think it was the drummer from the Secret Machines...or maybe it was a bloated Kirk Hammet), but no autographs. I took some Xanax on the plane, which made the snack box they SOLD, not Provided, to us very interesting, like having a picnic in a space ship except there are babies crying and stale air. And you’re on your way to a rock festival in the desert. I spent most of the flight thinking about where my life went wrong and why there is no fruit in England.

Things of note: Probably the coolest thing I saw at Coachella was Pat O'Brian. His presence lent a validity and completeness to this desert music extravaganza that I think was lacking. Aside from that, the Secret Machines were good, as were The Kills, I saw most of Coldplay's set, it was good, glorious and accessible, sounded exactly like the commercials, made me want to make trade fair but I wasn't quite sure how. I could barley find my way to the catering tent, but once I did, that chocolate cake changed my life. (one complaint: the kids driving the golf carts, bringing all the "artists" around, were really uppity, you had to pull a lot of strings and drop some heavy names to get a ride...)

Backstage in the VIP section, where all the band's trailers were, was like all your favorite music rags come to life, you had your Snow Patrols, your Raveonettes, your Razorlights, and on and on. Although no bands actually talked to us, I don't know why....

I woke up to go to the pool this morning and had the singularly distinct and privileged pleasure of meeting a fellow name Mario Jazzberry (a.k.a. Marvin Goldberg) in the hot tub at our Ho Jo's this morning. He explained to me all the finer points about bedding 40-year-old-women and how to be that old guy that will hit on your sister and your mother when your out of town. The fundamentals of his seduction method for mature ladies involves orchids, purchased at Trader Joe’s, shakers and lime martinis. I could go into more detail about his preternatural courtship, but there might be kids reading this. Apparently, this is what you do when you’re a recently divorced, early fifties real estate salesman from Laguna Beach who’s having a mid-life crisis. In summation, I think time will be the real factor in my being able to put his whole weekend into perspective, it's too much to wrap my mind around now, but I will say that it is a great time to be here and now in rock n' roll, thanks for the opportunity!

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