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Amethystium is an electronic based music project, formed around summer 1998. The music is hard to put in any spesific genre, but can be described as a blend of electronica, ambient, ethereal, and new age music. It ranges from dreamy and relaxing, to more upbeat, all with an evoking, atmospheric, and sometimes dark and enigmatic soundscape.

On the debut album, "Odonata", a lot of inspiration and sounds has been drawn from eastern cultures, like India, Tibet, Nepal, Indonesia, etc. Ethnic percussion are used on most of the songs, often combined with modern rythms. Female sanskrit chants appear on "Opaque", and ethnic vocals can also be heard on "Enchantment" and "Odyssey". Different kind of ethnic sounds are also used in the background to create the atmosphere, for instance on the last track, "Lhasa", you can hear buddhist monks chanting in a cave, and ambiances recorded in a street in Tibet.

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