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    Anaís Biography

    What was once just a dream is now a reality. Her talent, determination and perseverance have earned her triumph on the Latin music scene and a place in the lineup of a prestigious international recording company - the pinnacle for anyone starting out their musical career.

    Univision Records presents the debut album of Anaís entitled Así Soy Yo, featuring the single "Lo Que Son Las Cosas" written by Luis Ángel Márquez and made famous by the great Puerto Rican singer Ednita Nazario.

    With regard to her recording career and bright future, Anaís is focusing all her energy and passion on that area of her life, saying, "I've fought against adversity, and it was worth it, because I'm winning the struggle."

    With Así Soy Yo, Anaís shows us her soul, courtesy of renowned producer-composer and Latin GRAMMY® winner Sergio George. Así Soy Yo (Just As I Am), as the title suggests, gives fans a window into the life of this singer born in the Bronx, New York and reveals her emotions in every one of the songs.

    Sergio George says of Anaís, "Working with her was a great experience, because we worked together like brother and sister, I was like her big brother. She has a very special talent. She's got the 'full package,' which is very hard to come by in a solo artist. She can dance, she's good looking, she has a spectacular voice, and she has a very positive future ahead of her."

    "This production was very special ... there was a lot of love in the studio, a lot of enthusiasm. This is the start of what will be a very long career ..."

    Así Soy Yo also features outstanding musical arrangements from Emanuele Ruffinengo, winner of several Latin GRAMMYsÒ for his work, on the songs "Lo Que Son Las Cosas" (the first single) and "Estoy Con El y Pienso En Ti."

    Así Soy Yo is an album with great variety, showcasing the fusion of tropical music with ballads, pop, regional Mexican music and reggaeton, making for fresh, bold musical textures.

    On the music, Sergio George says: "She's a new artist who has never recorded anything before, so we experimented with a lot of different rhythms – ballads, pop, reggaeton, urban music. She's very versatile, and whatever she does, she does well. The style she chooses depends on the audience she's with."

    All this and more awaits fans in each of the album's songs: "Atrapada," "Estoy Con El Y Pienso En Ti," "Lo Que Son Las Cosas," "Estar Contigo," "Sexo, Sexo," "No Quiero Sufrir," "Suelta," "Como Olvidarte," "Que Te Pedí," "Así Es El Amor," and "Atrapada" (remix).

    Así Soy Yo also features six bonus tracks that are four extra versions of "Lo Que Son Las Cosas": a reggaeton version with renowned Puerto Rican artist Voltio; a duranguense version with the princes of duranguense music, Alacranes Musical; and a salsa and techno version. The song "Estoy Con El y Pienso En Ti" has two extra versions (reggaeton and salsa).

    Born on June 22 in the Dominican Republic and living in the Bronx, New York since the age of 8, Anaís began singing at a very early age, with her sweet accent.

    A key mentor who encouraged her dreams was a music teacher who led the Los Cumbiancheros school chorus, teaching her the basics of music and discipline. Her interest in music grew strong, and it was then that she realized that music would be her future. This was a very productive, happy time for Anaís, because the young performers in the chorus were going around to various schools to show off their talent. It was a versatile group that experimented with tropical music, ballads in Spanish and English, salsa and plena, traditional folk dances and the most engaging musical expressions of Puerto Rico. "The chorus was pretty big," recalls Anaís, who served as number two, then number one soprano.

    Gaining emotional strength from her Latin roots, Anaís got involved with a youth center where some of her friends encouraged her to sign up for Objetivo Fama. This influence decided the course of her future. Anaís remembers it as if it were yesterday – her interest in music had diminished considerably, and although she was in her church choir and sang religious songs, she did not see herself pursuing a solo career.

    "You have to sign up and participate in this. Do it!" said these loyal friends, confident that Anaís had, and has, the qualities, the presence, the energy, the will, and the talent necessary for a successful professional career in music.

    The first step was an audition in New York. Surprise, surprise, she was chosen to go on to the next phase of Objetivo Fama, a "reality show"-type competition aired nationally in Puerto Rico on Univision and in the United States on the Telefutura Network.

    Her confidence and optimism got the ball rolling so that on the final broadcast of May 1, 2005, she was crowned the winner of Objetivo Fama Second Edition and won a contract to record an album produced by Univision Records.

    Starting from the moment when she won Objetivo Fama, her life underwent tremendous change "personally as well as professionally" and she entered into a phase filled with great projects and plans.

    The grand finale of the program was taped mostly in Puerto Rico. For Anaís it was an exciting, unforgettable experience, because the people chosen to remain on the reality show were selected by the audience. "They voted for the performers, how they projected themselves, for the favorite of each viewer. Everybody had a chance to vote. I got my greatest support from New York and Puerto Rico."

    As she pulls together her artistic career, Anaís is now splitting her time among three cities: New York, where she lives; San Juan, Puerto Rico, where her manager's office is located; and Miami, Florida, where her eagerly awaited debut album was recorded.

    Anaís has been featured at important international events like the tribute dinner in honor of José José in November 2005 hosted by the Latin Recording AcademyÒ in Los Angeles, CA, where she sang "Si Me Dejas Ahora."

    On February 23, 2006 she also sang at a concert featuring famous reggaeton artists Yaga and Mackie in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, where she performed "Bailando" with them, once again showcasing her great versatility.

    It is also worth mentioning that Anaís is one of the Univision singers for the official World Cup song for 2006, "¡Arriba Arriba!," produced by Sergio George and featuring other artists like Ana Bárbara, Pablo Montero and Mariana Seoane.

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