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In the ever-changing universe of contemporary music, there are very few artists who have remained as creatively consistent as singer, songwriter, producer and actress Angie Stone. Whether belting out tunes on Broadway (most recently she appeared as “Big Mama Morton” in the Tony Award winning production of “Chicago”) or crafting new songs on the tour bus, Angie Stone fiercely manages to bring real soul to the table. After having a number one single “No More Rain”, on her debut Black Diamond and selling over 1.2 million records worldwide with her last disc Mahogany Love, the macktress is back and she’s out to get the man.

With Angie Stone’s brilliant third solo disc Stone Love, this fiery songstress is out to prove that it takes more than a few dips of the hip to be a true diva.“I wanted a title that conjured the same sense of love that I captured on the record,” Angie declares. “There is motherly and sisterly love, man and woman love, but no love is stronger than Stone Love.” Indeed, with Stone Love as her most accomplished work to date, Angie Stone is ready to join the pantheon of sassy soul sisters that includes Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Betty Wright.

On Stone Love’s first single “I Wanna Thank You”, Angie has created the perfect uptempo summer jam. Already imagining fans blasting the track at backyard cookouts or roller skating beneath colorful strobes, Angie says, “I wanted to make a song that would give people the feel of summer whenever they played it. And the fact that I got Snoop on ‘I Wanna Thank You’ simply adds the the spicy sauce to the barbecue.”

Having began her career in the groundbreaking rap trio Sequence, the versatile Ms. Stone has worn many hats in the house of music. From playing saxophone in Lenny Kravitz’s band to writing songs with D’Angelo to performing with Raphael Saadiq, the talented Angie Stone refuses to let any moss grow. “I’ve always believed in trying to be as diverse as possible,” Stone says modestly. “Performing and writing with others helps me to strengthen my own sound for my personal projects.”

Featured on the sizzling retro sounding track “That Kind,” Angie Stone got yet another chance to collaborate with seventies shero Betty Wright. “The first time we worked together,” Angie recalls, “was when Betty brought me in to work with her and Joss Stone on (the record) The Soul Sessions. “To me, Betty Wright is the truth when it comes to soul singing,” Angie says of the singer who in 1970’s recorded the classic song “Clean Up Woman.” Says Angie, “When I found out that Betty would be in town when I was recording ‘That Kind’ I invited her to the studio. It’s special when you can make a song with an artist always admired. I just love her to death.”

Sounding like a shook champagne bottle bubbling all over the place, Angie Stone hooks up with Brit-soul sensation Floatry to create the standout track “My Love.” Gushing about the man that “puts a smile on my face,” the track was co-written with Floatry member Marsha Ambrosius. “The way she writes is just amazing,” Angie says. “And their voices was just the right about of spice I needed to heat up the track.”

Although there is much love in Angie Stone’s heart, the sister has also been through her share of sadness. Speaking directly to her no good fellow, “U-Haul” documents her trying to escape (“...I should have left your ass long time ago/I was too scared to be out on my own...”) from the hold of a bad relationship. The lyrics might be cold-blooded, but the music is hotter than July. While this is a bitter cautionary tale for woman, it’s not to say that men shouldn’t listen too. “They just might learn a little something,” Angie jokes. Following a simpler thread, “You Don’t Love Me” is another jam for the broken hearted.

Of course, Stone Love wouldn’t have been complete if Angie Stone hadn’t been able to record a duet with her new fave soul man Anthony Hamilton. “Although I’ve known him for a while, this was the first opportunity we got to work with each other,” Angie Stone says. “But, anyone who listens to us on ‘Stay For A While’ will hear that we’re kindred spirits.”

With Angie Stone’s soulful sass, electric emotions and funky fineness, Stone Love is a seminal disc that rhythmic aficionados will enjoy for years to come.

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b. Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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