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    Annie Biography

    Annie, a product of the fusion of members of two different local bands, began in early 1995 in Cleveland, Tennessee. Later that year, Annie recorded Galaxy Girl, a demo that received local radio airplay and, coupled with powerful, unpredictable live shows, helped create a following and resurrected a dwindling psychedelic pop/rock scene over the next two years. The band quickly gained recognition from Nashville to Atlanta even with limited performance on the main club circuits. Record labels showed definite interest. After a one year hiatus, members Stephen Nichols (vocals, guitar), Jeffrey Wickes (guitar), Patrick McNeely (bass), and David Morton (drums) came together to rediscover the magical artistic chemistry that was Annie. They took fresh and eclectic musical ideas and emphasized experimentation in melodic progressions, lyrics, rhythm, and instrumentation. The reincarnation of Annie was undeniably more mature. They held tightly, however, to the spontaneity that had given their live performances presence and passion. Annie enlisted the help of Matt Goldman, formerly of Piltdown Man, to capture four new compositions from the mounting repertoire in April 1998. The four members realized that the new material would benefit from additional instrumentation. Joel Bordeaux, a long-time friend of the band, joined Annie on keyboards and trumpet. Bulletproof Records of Marietta, GA immediately saw promise and worked to negotiate a contract later that year. One song, "Starstruck," from the April demo appeared on a Bulletproof sampler. Soon thereafter Annie again recruited Goldman as engineer and co-producer for the recording of their first full-length album, Sci-Fi Canon Blue(s). Annie is presently in the process of writing and rigorous rehearsal.

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