A.R. Rahman

A.R. Rahman Biography

Tamil name: அல்லா ரக்கா ரகுமான்

Gujarati name: એ. આર. રહેમાન

Hindi name: अल्लाह रक्खा रहमान

Bangla name: এ আর রহমান

Malayalam name: എ.ആർ. റഹ്‌മാൻ

Telugu name: ఎ.ఆర్.రెహమాన్

Born: 6 January 1966 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India as A. S. Dileep Kumar.

Famous singer and songwriter, especially for movie soundtracks and indian pop music.

In 1989 he converted from Hinduism to Islam and so he changed his name to Rahman.

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