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    Avant Biography

    I was hoping someone could tell me a little about myself..

    Evidently there is an artist somewhere in Cali that has started using the name Avant. I am going to dispute this as this is the name I've obviously used much longer. Let's see what has a wider global reach. The National medium of t.v. or WORLDWIDE medium of cyberspace and trademark registration. I apologize for the current condition for the site but I was pressed for time in trying to get this up to address certain letters of the law. In the meantime, here's a chance to read up on the musician who's plotting to take over the musical worlds!!! :-)

    Avant was born/created by Immaculate Conception also rumored to be the illegitimate son of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, raised by wolves in the Mountains of Montana Avant was raised without the concept of separating musics. It is this very isolation that has allowed him to create music in it's purest form. Recklessly innocent and beyond the influence of preconceived notions. So let the visions begin...

    I have wandered the world trying to make all of the pieces fit. Like any other family a latchkey kid of divorced parents I have survived Klansman, racist kids, the ignorance of my own people and run-ins with ignorant police officers. I guess they felt evil they were entitled to do as my ancestors that fell from the heavens were dragged here against their will. So began the orchestra of my inception.

    They say pain is the fuel of art, and if that is the case I at least have enough to fly I get the insanity of life and that cosmic joke few people actually get

    Writing poetry eventually lent itself to music to become songs. Self taught musician (by necessity as there were no funds as it was imperative I find and outlet for the chaos swirling around the war zone called my life). I learned how to play guitar and bass during my process of training to be a musical "Ronin."

    I am the prodigal son, the painted bird trying to return home You can hate me, just make sure it's for the right reason. My music at times can be a funk/metal blend along the lines of Rage against the Machine and Tackhead with a dose of "Parliamental" elements thrown in for good measure Let me pause for a moment to mourn the musical passing of friends who made it to the majors but because of ill fates got burned by the biz: Juice with Soul, Chuck and the Ruff Nexx Sound system. Right I'm focusing on my own works as I I've worked on musical projects for others in the capacity of songwriter and producer for other acts. But the ego tripping was a little much. I've spent the past two years finally getting back into decent musical shape and am in the process of finishing a full length CD which should be ready by fall.

    Though I write in all genres (with the exception of C&W because it's a knock off of the blues) I really tried to focus on getting back to the instruments. I've got some synth-layered stuff but I'm tired of black folks just walking around with a mike. How many artists out there actually PLAY instead of going the "Puffy" route and looping or sequencing stuff? Where is the love, respect and adoration for the craft of songwriting? Where is the blood sweat and tears? Where is the sacrifice that shows when someone listens to the product and can HEAR the love and care put into it? That dedication seems to be slipping into the antiquities of time. Like some arcane and forgotten art branded heresy by some misbegotten institution. Well, I intend to bring it back! They don't call me Avant for nothing. To be Avant is swim in the face of convention and insurmountable odds. This probably also a contributing factor to me bumping heads with A&R cuz I kiss no ones ass. It took me a WHILE to convince the labels once I started shopping stuff. Just because the saw a black face to stop trying to shuffle me off to "urban land." I'm trying to market to people. Not white people or black people or yellow or red blue or green people. Just people.

    I guess my passion manifests itself best in this statement "songwriting should cause you to push the envelope of your soul oft times causing you to expose yourself and sometimes making you uncomfortable." If you are not in a zone of honesty and willing to take it to the hoop when you write (or anything else for that matter) you are cheating yourself. I have made the conscious decision to venture into areas of music where not many black faces are seen. Because it obvious brothas and sistahs ALREADY dominate the urban contemporary market. So venture on to explore new territory. Most R&B nowadays is remakes of something really TIRED! How many times can an artist sing about your [pick topic of your choice] money, cars, baby's daddy/momma, how hardcore you are, how big you dick is or how good in the sack you are? Time for some new material folks. Where is material that reflects the myriad of spectrums that blacks have inside? There are other subjects and other material to discover. To any black artists out there: YOU ARE MONKEY if you let these A&R clowns pigeon hole you like that. Don't let them make you sing songs irrelevant in nature. Differ the subject matter, take a chance, do something different. Just stop singing crap. Why is it blacks are only in R&B and hip-hop? Blacks invented all of the popular genres of music people listen to today so why aren't we in those areas as well? Don't let them sell you short.

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