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    B.G. Biography

    While other kids were spending their formative years playing kick-ball in the schoolyard, a young rapper named Baby Gangsta (B.G.) was already spitting rhymes at the tender age of 8. Since busting out with True Story in 1995, B.G. has remained one of hip-hop’s most dominant artists. His achievements are many; for starters, not only did he help make Ca$h Money a household name (eventually earning the clique one of the richest deals in the history of hip-hop), his blockbuster hit “Bling Bling” also became one of America’s favorite catch phrases. To this day, it’s immortalized in the English vernacular.

    Since the release of Livin’ Legend, B.G. has been through a period of personal growth and transition. Employing the skills of platinum producers Medacine Men/KLC, the rapper put blood sweat and tears into Life After Cash Money. For starters, the lead off single “I Want It” might just be his most commercial song since “Bling Bling.”

    About 70 tracks were cut for this release, with only the best 18 making the final cut. This release is the come-back you’ve been waiting for.

    On the eve of his eight CD release, B.G. feels that he’s established himself as one of hip-hop’s elite talents. He explains, “It’s time for me to spread my wings, they need some new entrepreneurs in the game who are going to keep it real and bring it back to the streets. A lot of these other cats are getting old.” B.G. further professes, “If you do your homework or research on me, this is my eight album and I’ve done two or three group albums,” explains the former member of the platinum group the Hot Boy$.

    B.G. Bio from Discogs

    US rapper, B.G. stands for Baby Gangsta.

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