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Baka Beyond Biography

Baka Beyond is group of musicians from 6 countries in the Celtic fringes of Europe and the West coast of Africa joined together to play the original live world fusion sound.


Martin Cradick (guitar, mandolin, percussion, producer) from UK

Su Hart (vocals, percussion) from UK

Paddy Le Mercier (violin, whistles, bombarde) from France

Ayodele Scott (percussion, djembe, sogo, ning nong, kongoma) from Sierra Leone

Seckou Keita (percussion, djembe, panlogo, sogo, tama, calabash, kora) from Senegal

Kibisingo Douglas (bass) from Congo

Denise Rowe (vocals, dancer, percussion) from UK

Tim Robinson (drums) from UK

Other past members:

Eleanor Churchlow (vocals)

Sam Djengue (bass) from Cameroon

Mark Pinto (bass)

Nii Tagoe (percussion, dance) from Ghana.

Lakh Niasse (drums) from Senegal

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