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    Ballboy Biography

    ballboy formed a few years ago. Various members have come and gone, but for now ballboy are in fact three boys and a girl. Gordon McIntyre sings, plays guitar and writes songs. Nick Reynolds plays bass, Katie Griffiths keyboards and Gary Morgan drums. In 1997 they had three songs released on a compilation CD called 'It's A Life Sentence', released by SL Records. In August 1999 ballboy beat one hundred other Scottish bands to win the PopCom Band Showcase. The final took place in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. It was live on cable TV, and on the Internet.
    To date they have released three EP's. 'Silver Suits for Astronauts' was released in November 1999. 'I Hate Scotland' was released in June 2000, and 'Girls Are Better Than Boys' in March 2001. The EP's have been compiled, along with some extra tracks to form ballboy's first album, 'Club Anthems 2001' which is out soon. They were invited to go down and play at In The City in Manchester in September 2000 where undoubtedly there were one of the hits of the conference, and picked as one of the 10 best new bands by the NME.

    During December the session they recorded for John Peel on Radio One earlier in the year was given a repeat play. Their year ended on a high note, getting the Number 13 position in John Peel’s Festive Fifty with "I Hate Scotland", and "Olympic Cyclist" was one of John Peel’s personal favourites of the year. They’ve been tipped as one of the best bands in Scotland by The List (Scottish Listings Magazine) and recorded a session for Radio One’s Session in Scotland, which was broadcast at the start of April, and shot a video for BBC Choice’s session show. In real life, Gordon and Katie are School Teachers, Nick's a Nursery Nurse, and Gary's a Sound Technician. They all live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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