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Benjy Ferree's musical coming-out followed an aborted attempt at an acting career, which brought a surreal existence in Hollywood to a close. He returned home to the Mid-Atlantic, more enlightened, more skilled on guitar and found work tending bar at DC's Black Cat nightclub. There he heeded the encouragement of new friends, Brendan Canty (Fugazi) among them, and began to focus on the songs he had been writing for his own personal enjoyment.

Leaving The Nest is the fruits of that encouragement and those life experiences, with a surefooted timelessness in an era of trends being cycled and recycled through at an exhausting speed. Musical and historical ghosts of The South haunt the corners of this album like a Faulknerian travelogue while bringing to mind the works of Terrence Malick, whose movies leave it to the viewer to find meaning in all the ambiguous beauty.

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