Bentley Rhythm Ace Biography

Bentley Rhythm Ace (BRA) are a duo formed in Birmingham, England in 1997.

The band was formed in Birmingham by Richard March, formerly with the group Pop Will Eat Itself, and Mike Stokes, with guest appearances by James Atkin, a member of indie band EMF. "Both more or less penniless, they drank in the same pub and were forced to buy their records at the cheapest place possible - car boot sales".Their live drummers were Keith York and Fuzz Townshend, alongside whom March previously played in Pop Will Eat Itself.

The name probably refers to the Rhythm Ace line of analogue drum machines manufactured by Ace Tone, some of which were rebranded and distributed by Bentley Pianos in the UK.

The group epitomises the Big Beat era. Signed to Skint Records, they enjoyed commercial success with their music being used on television advertisements and having an underground following.

The group split in 2000, but they played the occasional low-key DJ set. However, in 2009, they reformed and managed by Cut La Roc signed to Rocstar Records, with a string of tour dates set for 2010.

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