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How does a dream become reality? For starters you need talent, charisma, and the desire to succeed no matter what the odds. The stunning trio of sisters known as Black Buddafly possess the above mentioned traits and then some, yet when telling Black Buddafly's story you have to include one other ingredient: fate. Black Buddafly was meant to be.

Beautiful, bodacious and blessed with soulful harmonies that are playful, sexy, intuitive and fly beyond all comprehension, Black Buddafly is poised to take America by storm with their Chocolate City Music/ Russell Simmons Group/Def Jam debut. Boasting the drop dead fresh club hit "Rock- A- Bye"(produced by Tony Austin and the Featherstone Brothers) and collaborations with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Dallas Austin, KayGee, and Troy Taylor, Black Buddafly offers a delicious, sophisticated new take on classic hip hop soul.

Black Buddafly's saga begins in Hamburg, Germany where sisters Sophie, (the eldest) and twins Amina and Jazz were born to a German mother and a Senegalese dad. Mom sang, dad was a semi pro jazz musician, so naturally the girls were surrounded by music, in particular American soul, R&B, jazz and gospel. When the girls were 6 and 8 respectively they began singing in church and school musicals. By the time the sisters hit junior high they were doing sessions in local studios and touring with gospel ensembles. It soon became apparent that their talent, eye-catching looks and distinctive moves were too explosive for the confines of an ensemble or studio gigs. In 1998 the sisters formed Choyce, which drew heavily from their rich influences: from Mariah Carey (Amina's American idol) to Janet Jackson, (Jazz dug the combination of singing and dancing), to Sophie's appreciation of " people who tell great stories and have soul in their voice, " ala Jill Scott, Ella Fitzgerald and India Arie. Thanks to an energetic R&B sound that, at the time, was novel in Europe, Choyce enjoyed regional success and scored a production deal with BMG Germany. Yet despite the achievements, the sisters felt something was missing. That something was the USA. " We came to realize that even though we were getting the opportunity to perform and record in Germany the music there wasn't what we were looking for, and that the sound we craved was in America. Every week we'd look at Billboard and think to ourselves, we can do this, because we'd always been drawn to American singers, "Sophie explained. "We knew that if we really wanted to challenge ourselves and do real American R&B we had to come to the US and work with the producers making the sound that we loved so much. "

In 2002, Choyce flew to New York City with $600.00 and a very big dream. "We were so overwhelmed by how huge everything was," Amina says. "It was much more crowded than we expected and a little scary. Back in Hamburg we thought, we'll just come to the States and try it and if it doesn't work, we've had a nice vacation. But as we walked around the city we started think wow, maybe everyone was right. Maybe we are a little naïve and making it here won't be all that easy." As night fell Sophie called home to admit that perhaps mom and dad did know best after all. Amina and Jazz waited outside the phone booth and when their sister hung up, the girls walked silently back to their hotel. It was then that fate, in the form of a young man stepped in. Taken with their exotic looks the stranger approached them. "He tried to holla at me, "Sophie giggles, "but back then I didn't even know what that term meant!" Color them crazy, innocent or chalk it up to being raised in Germany but impulsively, the girls gave their admirer their hotel phone number. A half hour later he showed up, and after hearing their story, asked them to sing. The girls broke into an accapella 'audition' and when it ended their friend, who went by "Prince", was setting up meetings, and arranging an invite for a hot industry party at which P Diddy, Tweet and Kelis were guests. Blame jet lag but when Prince then offered to introduce them to movers and shakers, the sisters figured that they had nothing to lose and perhaps everything to gain. In hindsight it all sounds insane but as Jazz offers "'meeting Prince on that first day was a sign that coming to NYC was our destiny." Within a week Prince had secured Choyce a gig at the popular industry showcase Joe's Pub. There the girls met more producers and potential mangers all of whom were eager to sign them. The rush of activity was intense but the sisters kept their wits about them; refusing to ink a deal until everything felt just right.

With their cash dwindling, the sisters went back home to tour. Within a few months they'd returned to the States and thanks to their contacts, criss crossed the country, staying with friends, doing sessions, performing (including opening up for DMX at Chicago's House of Blues), and honing their skills.

In 2004 they went to Philadelphia and through word of mouth hooked up with a local club owner. Impressed the impresario introduced the trio, now calling themselves Black Buddafly, to Russell Simmons Music Group executive Tony Austin. A week before their visa was set to expire Austin signed Black Buddafly to his production company, Chocolate City Music, LLC and brought them Island Def Jam Records. They were then paired with legendary mogul Russell Simmons, who was launching Russell Simmons Music group; a joint venture with Def Jam and Simmons wasted no time in ensuring that Black Buddafly became his imprint's maiden release. Then early in 2005, Black Buddafly recorded the debut that, even before it had hit the streets, was the talk of the industry. "The entire experience, from meeting everyone, singing across the country and getting to work with LA and Russell has been unbelievable!" Jazz exclaims. " We almost can't believe it's all happening."

Happening, it is. Black Buddafly's road to success may have been unlikely but the result of their journey can't be denied. From the meaningful "Making Change", co written with Troy Taylor which addresses the importance of not taking life for granted, the inspiring "Goddess", penned by Amina and filled with an uplifting message about believing in oneself, to the feisty and fun "Rock-A- Bye", Black Buddafly has made an album that's positive, vibey, versatile, and overflowing with a sassy, sexy appeal that has the oomph to rock the clubs and the soul to touch your heart. After all every Cinderella story has a happy ending.

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