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Bonnie Bianco Biography

The US singer Lory Bianco found her first fame under the name of "Bonnie Bianco". She was the star of the movie"Cinderella" that made her a teen idol. This movie brought her No.1 hits like "Stay" (duet with Pierre Cosso), "My first love" and "No tears anymore". She is so far the only artist that had three singles at the same time in the German Top Ten. Lory also stared in the TV series "Molly O." and had further Top Ten hits like "Miss you so" from the albums "Just me", "True Love, Lory" and "Lonely is the night". She decided to change her stagename from Bonnie Bianco to her real name Lory Bianco. She then started to concentrate herself on movies. Her singing comeback took place, when she released her first international album "On my own but never alone" in 2001, which she wrote and produced all by herself.

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