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    Bow Wow Biography

    One listen to his new album, Wanted, and you can tell that four albums into his career, Bow Wow is just getting started. Whether kicking it with the guys or whispering to the females, Bow Wow is continuing to deliver edgy but tender rhymes that are both true to himself and universal in their appeal. Asked what drives him and Bow Wow grins. "I know what I gotta do," he says, "I'm still that same threat that I was when I was 13. No matter what people say I'm still gonna be at it. I'm gonna keep being me and having fun with it."

    Bow Wow took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from his adoring fans!

    1. Neo from South Africa asked:
    All this fame at such a young age... do you ever feel like things are happening too fast?

    BW: No not at all.

    2. Chelsea from Buena Vista, Virginia asked:
    How do you deal with traveling all the time and not being with your family?

    BW: I’m so used to it now, but then again I do miss a lot of my family and friends.

    3. Taj from Texas asked:
    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    BW: Play Xbox.

    4. Lauren from New York asked:
    What/Who inspires you most in your music?

    BW: Myself and my daily life experiences.

    5. Jean from Miami, Florida asked:
    Who taught you how to rap?

    BW: Myself.

    6. Michael Peart from Hamilton, Ohio asked:
    Who is your favorite artist?

    BW: Eminem, Snoop and 2Pac.

    7. Ines from Ilford, UK asked:
    How was it working with Omarion?

    BW: Cool, me and him are real cool...so its all fun.

    8. Bill from Austin, Texas asked:
    If you could make a movie with any actor right now, who would it be?

    BW: Denzel Washington.

    9. Angelica from San Diego asked:
    How does it make you feel when people make up rumors about your personal life?

    BW: I just ignore them.

    10. Gabrielle from Florida asked:
    Is it true you're going out with Ciara?

    BW: Yes.

    11. Camellia Carpenter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin asked:
    Besides Ciara, what kind of girls do you like?

    BW: Ghetto Girls and Pretty Young Things.

    12. Crystal from Cardiff, UK asked:
    Out of all of your songs, which is your favorite?

    BW: Fresh AzImIz.

    13. Deion from Newark, New Jersey asked:
    What's your favorite food?

    BW: Italian.

    14. Shona from Dublin, Ireland asked:
    How did you get that hot bum!?

    BW: My mom and dad I guess.

    15. Sophie from Essex, UK asked:
    What are you plans for the future?

    BW: Keep on doing what I’m doing and more movies and albums.

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