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Swanky and dirty, like the way rock should sound, not all prettified and shiny, BRIGHT LIGHT FEVER adds the seediness and swagger that seems to be missing in music. Like the unshaven hoodlums that populate the London Underground, or more accurately the Placerville, California (known as the hotspot during the “Gold Rush”), these four lads play their rock dangerously with a ne’er do well attitude. And what you have in your hands is the advance to their Stolen Transmission debut Bright Light Fever Presents… “The Evening Owl” whose street date is September 26, 2006. With Joby Ford (The Bronx) in the producer seat and Robert Cheek (Rx Bandits, An Angle, Supermodel Suicide) engineering it, The Evening Owl was recorded at The Hangar in Sacramento earlier this year.

From the whiny guitars of “Good Day Good Day” to the swirly rock of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Liver”, to the bluesy, smoke-drenched piano ballad “Crowded Street in May”, to the slash and burn guitars of “A Deeper Blue”, The Evening Owl is a album rife with textures and rhythms, a real rock album for those who want to rock.

“If you listen to our album, there is a steady thread of darkness, and moodiness,” says guitarist/vocalist Matt Ferro. “It’s a little creepy without being totally f**kin scary and evil. It made us think of animals that were the same way… and an owl came to be the best representation. We love movies and tv like Twilight Zone, Hitchcock...anything old and creepy. Our dad used to call the old Hitchcock tv series "The Evening Hour"..... We wanted to present the album in the same way an old TV show would be...hence BRIGHT LIGHT FEVER PRESENTS: THE EVENING OWL”

But there’s nothing to be scared of… unless you’re scared of frickin’ great rock. And like what the locals used to say in their hometown back in the day, “there’s gold in them thar hills…” and most of it is in this album. Bright Light Fever truly is a fever you can’t sweat out… nor would you want to.

Give us a shout when you had a chance to dig in. We’re curious to find how many nuggets you find.

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