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Joel Petersen is no stranger to multitasking. One moment, he is playing bass in The Faint. The next, he is half hidden behind a video screen, masterminding the MIDI-fest that is Broken Spindles.

Broken Spindles began in 2001 as the soundtrack for a friend's video piece. The soundtrack soon developed into a solo project, and finally resulted in the self-titled instrumental album released by Tiger Style Records in September 2002. Enter 2004, the year that marks Saddle Creek's release of Broken Spindles' fulfilled/ complete.

The use of vocals and strings on fulfilled/complete helps to convey the essence of Joel's songwriting for his other projects, while expanding on a style unique to Broken Spindles. Chamber arrangements echoing Debussy in one song and Glass in another are matched with the darkly danceable backbone of The Faint. The result is a seamless marriage of electronic and organic elements, equipped with a diversity of songwriting that will appeal to fans of Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails and Eric Satie alike.

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