Bryan Duncan

Bryan Duncan Biography

Born: March 16, 1953 Riverside, CA.

While living in North Carolina as a teen, Bryan Duncan began writing songs and playing the guitar. In 1972, as his talent grew, the college student formed the Sweet Comfort Band with drummer Rick Thomson and bassist Kevin Thomson. Sweet Comfort signed with Light Records and released five albums between 1979 and 1983. After their farewell tour in 1984, Bryan went solo, starting on a path that would lead him to over 25 years in the industry.

Bryan Duncan's Solo Career:

Opting to stay with Light Records, Duncan recorded two albums before moving to Myrrh for two more releases. In 1989 he switched to Word Records, releasing two more albums before his 1993 release, Mercy, made his shining star go super nova! Five number one hits from Mercy with another five number ones in a row made Bryan Duncan a household name in Christian music.

Over the next 10 years of his contract with Word, Bryan was playing an average of 200 shows a year and getting extremely burned out, fighting addiction and depression on every front.

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