Bryan Head

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Corrections & Additions to official credits submitted by the artist:

Abandoned Pools- The Reverb EP- Drums/ Percussion/ group member (Universal Records catalog # 69902)

High School Musical soundtrack- Drums (Walt Disney # 61512)

Hilary Duff- Hilary Duff- Drums (Hollywood Records)

Black Lab- Time Ago- Drums/ group member* (Geffen Records catalog # 22319)

Black Lab- Permanent Midnight soundtrack- Drums/ group member* (Geffen Records # 25219)

Black Lab- Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack- Drums/ group member* (Elektra/Asylum # 622011)

Black Lab- Varsity Blues Soundtrack- Drums/ group member* (Hollywood records # 162177)

*see Black Lab All Music biography.

Kate Alexa- Somebody Out There- Drums (Liberation Records)

Aka Dig- Cool Flow- Drums/ group member (Sony Japan)

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