Buddy Moss Biography

Born January 16, 1914, Moss was a prolific American blues guitarist and vocalist in the Atlanta blues scene who recorded a great many sides for ARC, the American Record Corporation, between 1933 and 1935. Moss frequently collaborated with fellow Georgia bluesmen Curley Weaver, Barbecue Bob, Fred McMullen, Josh White, and others, and was a highly influential factor in the development of the Atlanta and East Coast Blues idioms. In 1935, Moss went to prison for the murder of his wife. He was released in 1941, but was unable to revive his recording career. During the 1960's Blues Revival period, Moss was "rediscovered" in Atlanta by field recorder George Mitchell (2), and was able to resume his career as a performer, though he never attained the level of success he enjoyed in his youth. Moss died in Atlanta on October 19, 1984.

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