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ôPretzel Sexö Puts a Tasty new twist on good old-fashioned sex, drugs and rock and rollàHip-hop, jungle, r&b, reggae, disco, hard rock, country, and more.

Ranging from blistering punk to tender piano ballads, ôPretzel Sexö is a musical collage laden with engaging melodies, lyrics, hooks and more than its share of innovation and musical risk, This record follows no rules, yet remains cohesive.

Buzz Poets bring a Beatles mentality to contemporary music. They integrate styles fluently and naturally. They write, produce and arrange music around the songs, and not around the current trends or around an image. The Buzz Poets are lovers of many styles of music, compelling them to write unique music that makes sense while challenging their listeners. Thus the Poets have attracted an army of adoring fans, and their record sales reflect it.

Buzz Poets played the 99 Vans Warped Tours Eastern US and Canadian legs, and are the 1999 Ernie Ball Music Man battle of the Bands National Champions.

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