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Academy award winner Cameron Crowe's well-known love of setting music to his movies (“Singles”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Almost Famous”) has resulted in a number of unforgettable modern marriages of film and song. In his new film, “Elizabethtown”, the music plays as important of a role as any of the characters.

You already know the work of the filmmaker, but ARTISTdirect’s exclusive interview is going to give you deep and profound insight into Cameron Crowe the human being. Cameron took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer those nagging questions we all have: What’s Mr. Soundtrack’s favorite soundtrack? Who’s his favorite Simpson sister? And what kind of M&Ms does he like?


AD: Wine or Beer?
CC: Beer.

AD: Soup or Salad?
CC: Salad.

AD: Plain or Peanut?
CC: Plain.

AD: Capra or Sturges?
CC: Sturges.

AD: Beatles or Stones?
CC: Beatles.

AD: Lennon or McCartney?
CC: Lennon.

AD: Roth or Hagar?
CC: So Roth!

AD: Ashlee or Jessica?
CC: Oh...So Jessica. (Laughs)

AD: Biggie or 2Pac?
CC: 2Pac.

AD: Skynyrd or Neil Young?
CC: OH!... TIE! You tried to F**k with me! (laughs).

AD: Wilco or Son Volt?
CC: Wilco.

AD: Sunrise or Sunset?
CC: Sunset!

AD: Drive or Fly?
CC: C’mon... DRIVE!

AD: Big City or Small Town?
CC: Small Town.

AD: Writing or Directing?
CC: Writing.

AD: Music or Movies?
CC: Tie.


AD: Brian Wilson
CC: Pet Sounds.

AD: Woody Allen
CC: "Crimes and Misdemeanors"

AD: Homer Simpson
CC: James L. Brooks

AD: Paul Westerberg
CC: Classic.

AD: Seattle
CC: Home.

AD: Los Angeles
CC: Not home. (Laughs) Not Seattle.

AD: Actor
CC: Writer.

AD: Musician
CC: Wife.

AD: Filmmaker
CC: Wilder.

CC: Do I get a score at the end of this?
AD: So far you’re at a 100%.
CC: Thanks man.


AD: Lloyd Dobler ("Say Anything")
CC: “Bonin’ in the Boneyard” - Fishbone

AD: Jerry Maguire ("Jerry Maguire")
CC: “Magic Bus” – The Who

AD: William Miller ("Almost Famous")
CC: “Tangerine” - Led Zeppelin

AD: Drew Baylor ("Elizabethtown")
CC: “My Father's Gun” – Elton John

AD: CC “Bud” Baxter ("The Apartment")
CC: Whoa... Dave Brubeck - “Take Five”

AD: Billy Wilder.
CC: “Are You Lonesome Tonight” – Elvis Presley. His last favorite song.

AD: Tom Cruise
CC: “Rez” - Underworld

AD: Nancy Wilson
CC: "60B"

AD: Cameron Crowe
CC: My Morning Jacket - “I Will Be There When You Die”


AD: If you weren’t Cameron Crowe the filmmaker, what would you be doing?

CC: Probably be a DJ. That’s what I always thought.

AD: What is the definitive road trip song?

CC: Probably... “Going Mobile” by The Who.

AD: What’s the worst trend in music right now?

CC: Pro Tools

AD: Are your kids going to be musicians or filmmakers?

CC: Filmmakers. (laughs)

AD: For your soundtracks, you like to unearth the hidden gem from rock icons. What’s the hidden gem from The Beatles?

CC:’s a demo of the Paul McCartney song, “Goodbye,” which you can find on some bootlegs. It’s the song they gave to Mary Hopkin.

AD: Is there a reason you’ve never used any Beatles songs in your movies?

CC: No. We talked about using some stuff in "Vanilla Sky" but it seemed like a period where they weren’t going to approve anything. There was a few movies trying to get some Beatles songs. One of them was "I Am Sam", the other was the "The Royal Tenenbaums." We sorta turned back. I liked having McCartney be the final voice anyway.

AD:Is there a song that you try to work into every movie?

CC: Yes. Sometimes it makes it and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s “Chloe Dancer” by Mother Love Bone. We used it in “Say Anything” and “Singles” and then the streak broke. We almost worked it into this one.

AD: What is your favorite soundtrack that isn’t one of yours?

CC: Probably, Wattstax,, the soundtrack of the R&B festival...kinda like the black Woodstock.

AD: Has there ever been a song that you’ve used and regretted it?

CC: Uh.... No. Even the stuff in "Fast Times." Amy Heckerling and I collaborated on that. The first time she said she wanted to end the movie on “Goodbye, Goodbye” by Oingo Boingo, I didn’t get it. And now over time I know it’s the perfect way to end the movie.

AD: Can music affect you the same way it did when you were younger?

CC: Absolutely. If I don’t have it, I crave it and feel the loss. I think we all have our addictions and the things we need to survive. Addictions...not necessarily in a bad way. For me, it’s as important as food. You just kinda need it. It’s a constant inspiration for me...gets me writing, gets me going. There’s so much great new music out there. I love the idea that a movie can play some of that new music and expose it to people.

Check out Cameron Crowe’s new film, “Elizabethtown,” in theatres October 14th.

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