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    Case (Case Woodard) known best for hit songs including: “Touch Me Tease Me,” “Missing You,” “Happily Ever After” and “Faded Picture” is back with his fourth album, The Rose Experience which will soon be released on his own Indigo Blue Imprint. “Growing up in the projects was rough, I didn’t have a lot of things, but music filled the void” – Case

    Case was born in New York and grew up in various New York City projects with his parents and two younger sisters. While the family struggled financially, they often found solace in music. “We didn’t have much”, says Case “but there was always music in the household.” Introduced to music by his father, (briefly a member of the group Cameo) Case believes music is in his blood. At the age of 5, he would perform constantly for family and friends in his living room. Often singing together with his father deepened Case’s already growing love of music and created a lifelong bond between them. “I wanted to sing so bad. I was willing to leave everything behind” - Case Case, who refers to music as his, “first love,” discovered his passion for the artform early. However, growing up in a strict Jehovah’s Witness household, where only close association with other Jehovah’s Witness was accepted, made pursuing a music career difficult. His desire to become a professional musician was met with harsh resistance from his parents resulting in mounting family tension. His parents made it clear that Case could not pursue a music career while living under their roof. So at the age of 17, armed with determination and a bag of clothes, Case moved out. He moved in with one friend, then another, and before long he was homeless during what he calls, ”the coldest winter in New York.” He scrounged around for money to buy food and showered and changed where he could. Even during this trying time his determination to succeed didn’t waiver. At 19, Case reconciled with his parents and reluctantly moved back home. He soon began working for the New York Housing Authority while spending all his free time producing demos, singing and writing music. He continued to work for the Housing authority until his work schedule conflicted with studio time he wanted. Case left his job and never looked back. “I found out that the song you hate the most, is the song that works” –Case

    After stints with R&B group “Future” and a duo called “Black”, Case got work co-writing and singing background for artist including Usher, Christopher Williams and Al B. Sure. Case finally felt close to achieving his dream of becoming a solo artist, and he was. Armed with a song written by Faith Evans, Case was discovered by Russell Simons who signed him to Def Jam Records. “Everything changed with this deal,” says Case, “I was in heaven, on cloud nine.” Case’s solo career took off in 1996 with the release of “Touch Me Tease Me” from his first self titled album Case. The hit song, co-written by Mary J. Blige with guest vocals from Foxy Brown was featured on “The Nutty Professor” soundtrack and sold over 1,000,000 copies. Case followed the success of his first album with the release of Personal Conversation in 1999. “This album was a better representation of me,” says Case. Featuring hit songs “Happily Ever After,” and “Having My Baby,” Personal Conversation achieved Platinum status. In 2001, as the first artist on the new Def Soul imprint, Case released his third album Open Letter and topped the charts with the hit song “Missing You.” He also expanded his music catalogue by working on soundtracks for films including: Rush Hour, The Best Man and The Nutty Professor, II: The Klumps. “My Son and daughter are more important to me than anything else in the world.” –Case

    After the success of Open Letter, Case moved to Atlanta to be closer to his children, and has over the last several years proven to be a real survivor. To say his seven years “away” from music have been interesting would be an understatement. In 2002 his true determination to survive was witnessed when Case accidentally shot himself in the throat. The bullet, that went in through his throat, came out of the back of his neck and was miraculously less than a centimeter away from paralyzing and killing him. To the shock of everyone around, Case was out of the hospital in four hours with just bandages around his neck. With no damage done to his vocal chords, Case continued to work on completing his fourth album, but due to professional differences, he asked to be released from Def Soul Records in 2004. He has since worked through the challenges of a changing music industry and partnered with manager Blue Williams to create independent record label, Indigo Blue. Case is now poised to release his much anticipated album, The Rose Experience in Fall 2008. “This is the first album I produced and I knew what I wanted to say” –Case The Rose Experience, which stays true to Case’s signature sound - soul music with a twist of new jack and hip-hop, will not disappoint fans. Always drawing from his musical influencers like Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Elton John and Earth Wind and Fire, new songs such as “Lovely” and “I Can’t” will take the listener on a journey into love and relationships from Case’s perspective. Don’t expect to just get great music from Case, this multi-talented artist because he has been working out his acting chops as well. Fans can look forward to seeing Case on the big screen in years to come. Be prepared to get reacquainted and fall in love with Case all over again.

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