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    Cassidy Biography

    As controversial as Hip Hop has become over the last decade, one might think adding a new rapper to the game known as the "Da Problem" may seem a little over the top, but 18-year-old Philly native, Barry Reese, a.k.a. Cassidy, could be the solution to what's been missing from rap lyrics-true uncut rhyming ability.

    While currently at work on his own album, Cassidy is no stranger to the studio. He has already been making a name for himself within the industry by ghostwriting on Eve and Jadakiss's hit "Got It All" that appeared on the Ruff Ryder 2 compilation; he spit street savvy lyrics on Nas "The General Remix" featuring Fat Joe and soon, Cassidy will be heard once again. This time he will making a cameo on "Banned from TV," Noreaga's single from his upcoming album. And just two years after originally signing with Ruff Ryders, Cassidy continues to make major moves. Grabbing the attention of CEO power producer, Swizz Beatz, Cassidy is keeping busy as the second artist on Swizz's new label, Full Surface.

    Having no real intentions of being a rapper, Cassidy first began rapping with cousins just to pass time, but a chance meeting with two MC's from around the way, would alter his course. Unaware of how lyrically inclined he was, Cassidy hooked up and began rapping with rappers, call Akbar, and Shizz Lansky, of Larsiny (also later signed to Ruff Ryders) who saw this young rapper's skills, incorporating him into the group. Unknowingly taking his talent to the next level, Cassidy began battling other rappers on Philly's radio station, 103.9FM, "The Cipher", crowned him the Cipher Analyst, who set the bar so high, all other rappers were judged by his skills. This title earned him respect and credibility as on of Philly's finest, but also made him "a problem" to all other rappers who tried to challenge those skills.

    So the question remains, why is this guy known as "Da Problem?" In Cassidy's own words: "I know I'm cocky and people view that as a problem." His bravado, extreme confidence and command of each word are qualities packed into each lyrical punch he throws at his opponents who are left baffled as to the ingredients to his undefeated success. "People don't take time on there songs. They stop concentrating on lyrics, but I put time and dedication into every line and every word. Some call me a punch line rapper--that's just one of my styles." Cassidy says.

    And his many styles are influenced by his love of language from such books written by Terry Woods and Donald Guines. He finds inspiration ranging from Stevie Wonder to Biggie, Tupac and the ever so accomplished fellow Philly native, Will Smith who Cassidy respects for his diverse career. These artists have influenced Cassidy into creating his own unique style which was recognized one day while sitting in a Philly barbershop. Terrance Dean, of the well known Dean family that created Ruff Ryder label, happened to be sitting next to him and quickly took notice of this lyrical genius in making and added Cassidy to the list of upcoming artist that he would manage and push to new heights.

    With the ever increasing recognition of his talent, Cassidy realizes that a game he did not at first take seriously, is now a means for him to inspire others and send positive messages to the Hip Hop community. Cassidy knows he is a force to be reckoned with and does not apologize for his cockiness, or even the fact that he is considered"a problem" by many. He is already aware his fast-paced, arrogant style provides his surefire, potent ammunition. "I know I'm smart" I don't choose my battles, they come to me and I bite their hands off"

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