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Choobakka Biography

In a nation with a desperate need for renewal and solace, a shaken industry wonders more than ever, if it still makes sense to celebrate life! How does one keep on keeping on? What is next? Is entertainment still relevant in Big Brother‘s barbaric era of mass violence? Does art imitate life or is it the other way around: life imitates art? Twenty three year-old rap aficionado Choobakka shares this belief, "In the midst of all the coping, the show must go on. We have always been at war but it takes an attack on our own soil to awaken us. Nothing has changed. The events did not change me. The war was already here. Look at Africa, the Middle East… I have been ready."

In April 2002, the Brooklyn-bred, Choobakka, the first rap act out of Big Daddy Records, is slated to release his self-explanatory debut album titled 'My Time'. Drama Beats, who produced most of his first opus, concocted a Molotov cocktail of lethal sounds tastefully put together and ranging from the bouncy Dirty-South-infected promo single 'She’s Feeling Me', featuring label-mate Lady J, to the poignant and heartfelt 'Echoes', or the street banger 'Blunts In Da Air' with its testosterone-filled chants.

Far from your average MC, Choobakka shines in his own right. 'Charismatic' is the word that best describes his ability to him make captives of his audiences- reeling them into his world, his life, and taking them on an emotion packed excursion into urban reality. Comparisons to Ja Rule and DMX quickly surface as this former foster home kid who honed his asphalt-impregnated lyrical skills growing up in the streets, shares the same trials, tribulations, and die-hard convictions. However, a deeper look reveals that Choobakka is truly an original- aside, above, apart and alone!

An accomplished drummer and gymnast, Choobakka was raised to the sounds of Latino percussion and molded by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire. Catch him using his hands to produce a sonic background to his freestyles or out of nowhere jump onto a table, and you have captured, for a fraction of a second, a glimpse of his essence. Choobakka is an entertainer who was born, not only to entertain, but to uplift his people. Rhyming as if there’s no tomorrow, this MC is hungry – no- starving and the listener can almost hear his guts as he spots like he breathes. Enough with pale imitators and a lack of creativity, Choobakka represents what hip hop is waiting for: that next level.

States Choobakka, "I just want my album to uplift my people; I want to feed my daughter and have my voice heard. I’m not a battle rapper. My fight is against racism, against lack of humanism, I want to show the whole world what I’m all about. And … this is My Time!!!"

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