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Chris Tsefalas Biography

I'm All Right?

Entering the studio with friends Larry Crane (known for engineering records for Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, The Go-Betweens, Quasi, Richard Buckner, Stephen Malkmus, Pavement) and John Moen (drummer for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Maroons front man), Chris Tsefalas recorded his debut solo record, "I'm All Right?"

A gorgeous, lush pop record with angel-esque backing vocals from John Moen, "I'm All Right?" showcases Chris Tsefalas' ability to craft dark lyricism and wrap it around bright, blissful pop melodies that make you want to dance, shake your head, and tap your feet in approval.

"I'm All Right?" is filled with ten honest, dirt-and-soil songs built from the ground up. Filled with life and the love of life, Tsefalas examines life's ins and outs, tackles depression, and sees through the evaporated hopes that once surrounded him, somehow coming through it all with beaming optimism and a smile to match the intensity of the songs.

This is a pop album that will not only fulfill your sugar cravings, but goes well beyond that, delivering cavity-creating pop moments, oft with dark overtones that come to life the more you listen and engage in the songs.

A thinking man's record, a record that will grow on you with each listen, Tsefalas' "I'm All Right" is the kind of record that will comfort you, sharing both good times and bad, while, no matter how far down you think you've gone, it will smile right back at you and say, "Times are rough, but you'll be all right".

This is what Tsefalas has learned through the journey of writing and recording this record. He is all right and so are you. Let Tsefalas' voice sooth your soul and his songs uplift your spirits while you sing along.

"I'm All Right", a pop masterpiece you'll keep revisiting.

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