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At twenty-four, stunning songstress Christina Milian understands all too well what it takes to be a star. "When it came time for me to work on my third album, SO AMAZIN’, I knew that I needed to record material that had a realness," explains Christina. "I still wanted to make dance tracks, but I also needed to express more of myself at the same time."

Using the blueprint of rhythmic icons Janet Jackson and the late Aaliyah, the singer/songwriter decided that the first step towards musical difference would be finding a team of producers who could musically transfer her inner feelings into outer hotness. It was during this period that Christina first met Cool & Dre.

Listening to Milian’s first single "Say I," you quickly hear that she made the right choice. "I wanted to make a record that would be an inspiration to both me and my fans," Christina says, whose 2002 self-titled debut (which featured the #1 Hot 100 Single "A.M. to P.M.") and last year’s Grammy-nominated IT’S ABOUT TIME were both successful.

From the moment the hypnotic opening of "Say I" begins to soar and Miss Milian wails, "I got the urge to scream out," one realizes that this is a brand new day in dance music. More than just a hit song, "Say I" is an uplifting anthem that also features the southern drawl of celebrated rapper Young Jeezy on the hook. With its orchestrated music, the high energy of "Say I" is pure sonic caffeine.

Having appeared in such popular films as Be Cool (alongside John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Steven Tyler), Love Don’t Cost A Thing and Man Of The House (with Tommy Lee Jones), the young star also has a leading role in the upcoming movie Pulse (out July 14th). After filming, she took a break away from the camera for the months it took her to finish SO AMAZIN’. "I was so committed to this project, making it my number one priority," Christina recalls. "It was important that I be focused on music, so while I was working I passed on other films and reading scripts. It was more important that I make a hot album." Without a doubt, she has succeeded.

"I knew from the beginning when I started working with Cool & Dre that I had found something special," Christina says of the Florida duo that have constructed hit singles for 50 Cent and The Game. "Our relationship was so smooth, Cool & Dre wound up producing the entire record, something that is rare these days." In fact, it was Antonio “L.A.” Reid who suggested she work with Cool & Dre, while still allowing Christina space to be herself.

Traveling down south to Florida’s Circle House Studios, the producers talked to Christina for hours. "It was really about us getting to know each other," says Cool. "Learning about her likes and dislikes, as well as a recent break-up that was bothering her. We really dug her vibe. From day one, we knew Christina was special. In the first few days we knocked out four songs."

Falling in love with Miami, there were also a few chance encounters that lead to wonderful collaborations. "We were working on a song called 'Who’s Gonna Ride' when Dre ran into Three 6 Mafia in the hallway. The song has a kind of Dirty South feel, so we just asked them if they wanted to be down."

The song "Gonna Tell Everybody," opens with a soothing piano and offers teardrop-laced lyrics about the aftermath of heartbreak. "I moved on," she declares at the end of the slow song. "I just felt a need to express myself on 'Gonna Tell Everybody.' It was truly about thinking that I had something good, what happens when it’s over, and going forward with my life. When I had conversations with Cool & Dre, that relationship was one thing that kept coming up. I knew it was going to be something I needed to get off my chest."

A songwriter since her teen years, Milian has penned hit tracks for Jennifer Lopez ("Play") and herself, but it wasn’t until the SO AMAZIN’ sessions that she felt any real growth. "Dre told me, ‘there are no rules.’ That’s all he said, but believe me, it was the best advice," Christina laughs. "Sometimes things can be so simple, you don’t know why you never thought of it before."

Taking us higher, the title track "So Amazin’” is a slice of booming club life. With its bouncy flow that feels electro-sleek and street corner grimy at the same time, "So Amazin’" lives up to its title. "I think this is the sexiest song on the record," says Christina. "I can’t wait until we make a video for that one."

Proudly displaying the various sides of her personality, SO AMAZIN’ proves that singer Christina Milian is ready to be taken seriously as an artist. Welcome to the next level.

Christina Milian Bio from Discogs

Christina Milian is an Afro-Cuban American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress born in Jersey City, New Jersey on September 26, 1981 whose ambition to pursue an entertainment career was evident from a young age. After a childhood of commercials and stage acting she made her musical entrée as a vocalist on "Between Me and You"; a track on Ja Rule's Rule 3:36 (2000) album. During the following year she made her co-songwriting debut for the track "Play" on Jennifer Lopez's J-Lo album and "Same Ol' Same Ol'" for the PYT Down With Me album. 2001 also saw the successful release of her own eponymous debut album, although it was not released in America as a result of 9/11.

America had to wait until 2003 for a Christina Milian album, when It's About Time was unleashed. After all the waiting it proved to be something of a disappointment; the reviews were good but the sales were less than expected. Nonetheless, the single "Dip It Low" was a smash hit in several dance charts internationally. So Amazin' (2006) also failed to capture the promise of stellar sales though it performed well by most standards, reaching No.11 in the US and No.67 in the UK.

Milian has maintained a successful acting career in parallel to her musical endeavors and has appeared in film and television.

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