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    Cirrus Biography

    1995 - A fax from the UK rolls off the Moonshine Records fax machine in Los Angeles, California.

    "It's about time somebody made a track with some balls. I love it." Signed, Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim.

    Not a bad way to start your career!

    Fast forward >> to 2004 ... Cirrus have a new creative path to ad to an already extensive career history.

    "Sure people can get some of our music on digital distribution sites.., but on www.cirruscirrus.com, they get the whole picture, and before anyone else has it. We want people to be able to be a part of the music making process. Instant access to new music gives us the ability to get instant feedback. It's just like when a DJ plays a new track off a CD-R and gauges the crowd reaction. There is no delay between the finish of production of a track and the ability for fans to hear it right on the website. It's much more rewarding." Stephen Barry, CIRRUS.

    The newly redesigned website is offering instant access to new Cirrus material, where members not only get the latest inside news (like traditional fan clubs), but EXCLUSIVE music, first look videos and backstage passes, along with the new producers corner it has rapidly grown into a community of fans and artists who interact directly with Aaron and Steve.

    So are they qualified to inspire? << back to the mid nineties...

    Aaron Carter and Stephen Barry situated in Los Angeles, California. Aaron, a hip hop battle DJ, and Stephen, a Hollywood rock guitarist, meet in 1994 while individually honing their studio skills at a recording school in Huntington Beach, California. The unlikely duo quickly became friends while collaborating on musical ideas and exposing each other to the varying music scenes of LA. Turning immediately to electronic dance music as an outlet for their creativity, the collaboration proved to be a groundbreaking sound. Forceful, yet organic, Cirrus' first attempt at producing a dance record showcased Stephen and Aaron's varied musical talents and influences. After sending the demo to only one record label, Moonshine Records, Cirrus had an international outlet for their new sound.

    Cirrus immediately set up a professional studio in Long Beach, California and banged out the follow-up single to "Future" (the first 12" that engineered the infamous Fat Boy Slim comment) called "Superstar DJ". With a Billboard Dance Chart smash hit on their hands and a fresh, intense new live act combining electronic and organic live instruments, Cirrus stormed the national rave and club scene. By the time Cirrus released their third single "Break-In", the buzz was deafening. "Break-In" became a staple of the dance floors and is widely regarded as a classic. Their first full-length album, "Drop The Break" (1997), firmly established Cirrus worldwide as one of the forefront ambassadors of America's new "West Coast sound".

    What followed "Drop The Break" was a massive amount of touring. Headlining the first of many successful Moonshine Overamerica tours and one-off performances, Cirrus played in front of millions of people. From raves in the steamy jungle on Puerto Rico to the deserts of Southern California. From the sweaty underground clubs of Manhattan to the massive radio festival circuit. Cirrus was not only performing, but writing and producing on the road. Armed with laptops and road gear, in tour busses, planes, and hotel rooms, Cirrus laid the groundwork for 1998's critically acclaimed "Back On A Mission".

    Their 2nd full-length album opened the doors to the lucrative world of music licensing. With tracks licensed to productions from almost every major motion picture studio, television network, and video game manufacturer, Cirrus had found a whole new audience.

    Un-phased by commercial success, Cirrus continued to tour and work on new music. Experimenting with new musical styles and song structures, their 4 year journey took them around the world and back. What resulted was "Counterfeit" in 2002. A "polished and mature" album with cuts that ranged from radio and MTV hits like "Boomerang" to club favorites like "Hit The Decks" and "Straight Laid Out". Seen as Cirrus' finest work to date, "Counterfeit" propelled Aaron and Steve even further onto the international music scene. Not just as ambassadors of West Coast Breakbeat, but as music producers in general.

    As music supervisors and film directors ask for original music, Cirrus are again on a musical journey. The new label, Cirrus Cutz, hand-raising live performances combining visuals and new music as well as hit remixes recently for the likes of Paul Van Dyk (#1 UK and top ten Billboard US) and 311 (#1 Billboard Radio Play US) have kept Cirrus rooted in the dance community. Sharing their musical knowledge and audio production experience with the next generation of artists is the natural next step.

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