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Since his unexpected departure from American Idol, Constantine has been hard at work, starring on Broadway in “The Wedding Singer” as well as in the critically acclaimed off-Broadway revival of “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.” In between, he devoted considerable time and effort into finding the right band, assembling a talented group of musicians that meshed into a cohesive and rockin’ ensemble. Constantine co-wrote several songs on the record and songwriters who lent their skills to the album include seminal singer/songwriter Willie Nile; Angie Aparo (Faith Hill); Marcel (Rascal Flatts); and Grammy nominated, Kevin Kadish (Jason Mraz).

Constantine recently became a featured star on The Bold and The Beautiful, which ranks as the Number Two most watched soap in the world. Constantine’s role, which was created especially for him, is based in part on his real life. Throughout his thirteen-week stint, the show will be incorporating music from Constantine. This extraordinary cross-promotion will bring Constantine’s music and personality to millions of viewers worldwide, an unprecedented opportunity for a young artist.

The album reflects Constantine’s commitment to an unprocessed, live feel and organic edge. As a result, Constantine was recorded in intimate studios in New York City, including co-producer Marc Copely's living room. “The album was cut live with my own band,” Constantine explains. “No programming, minimal overdubs. We’ve been playing these songs on the road and chose the tunes that got the best feedback from our audiences.” The songs on the album showcase the singer’s vocal versatility and the strong arrangements of the Maroulis band.

“Everybody Loves,” the first track off Constantine, which made it’s premiere on The Bold and The Beautiful, is the kind of song that is custom made for Summer, with a sing-along chorus listeners will find themselves unable to get out of their heads. “Girl Like You” bursts out of the speakers with a thunderous stomp-and-clap intro that will recall Queen's “We Will Rock You,” albeit set to the beat of the new millennium. “Child (You're the Revolution)” shows the hard rock side of Constantine that audiences identified with him during Idol. His snarling vocal and the band’s metallic attack makes the tune a potential youth anthem. Other tracks allow Constantine to show off his persuasive vocal power and true artistry.

The diversity of Constantine, the album, shows off the restless creative spirit of Constantine the singer and serves notice that he’s a musical force to be reckoned with.

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