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UK release June 5th on Gusto Records

The champion of the charts is back!

Having conquered the world in 2005, the frog goes football crazy with his version of the Queen classic "We Are The Champions."

Originally released in 1977, and a worldwide top 10 single, "We Are The Champions" is one of the world's most recognised rock anthems and in September 2005 was declared the world’s favourite song in a global survey of 700,000 people conducted by Sony Ericsson. A firm favourite on the terraces, the frog’s version takes the song to a new level.

Although the Crazy Frog records his music in his studio in Germany, he sees himself as a true resident of the world. But when pushed (with a gun to his head, I hear you plead) to name the country he will be supporting in the World Cup our amphibian friend admits to having a particular fondness for his doppelganger Rio Ferdinand.

To accompany the single a CGI animated video costing £200,000 has been created by Kaktus Films, home of Erik Wernquist the original 'creator' of the world's favourite blue frog.

Crazy Frog Bio from Discogs

An animated frog, designed by Erik Wernquist, which became famous for starring in Jamba's ringtone commercials, using a sample of 17 yr old Swede Daniel Malmedahl's impersonation of a moped with a two stroke engine. As the frog became increasingly popular (or notorious), more ring tones, wall papers and other items became available, and even a record was released, a cover version of "Axel F", produced by Reinhard Raith and Henning Reith of the German Bass Bumpers production team and Andreas Dohmeyer and Matthias Wagner aka Off-Cast Project.

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