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Crossfade took the hard rock world by storm when they burst out of their native South Carolina last year with their self-titled debut on Columbia/FG Records, a take-no-prisoners affair that featured the smash hit "Cold." Life hasn't slowed down much for the four young men of Crossfade since. Fortunately for us, however, bassist Mitch James and drummer James Branham managed to put down their instruments long enough to give us their lists of their ten favorite songs, which shed some light on the band's eclectic list of influences.

We'll start with Mitch's list, which is heavy on the hard stuff but does have a few surprises.

1. Metallica - "Battery"
"The first song I ever heard by Metallica. Became my destiny to play music for a living after hearing it. Hard, fast, and angry. Just the way I felt every day during that time. Especially the "hard" and "angry" part. I WAS like fourteen."

2. Michael Manring - "Crazy Legs"
"The coolest bass player EVER! Every time I hear this song, I question why I even try to play the bass."

3. Steely Dan - "Black Friday"
"The smoothest band ever. A little jazz, a little rock n roll. Easy to listen to in any situation."

4. Coroner - "Mistress of Deception"
"Best thing out of Sweden since the world renowned bikini team... and meatballs!"

5. Cypress Hill - "Hits From the Bong"
"Still amazed that they wrote a song about smoking pot, and didn't even mask it as a song about their one true love."

6. Testament - "Trial By Fire" "Oldy but a goody! How can you not love a song sang by someone named Chuck Billy."

7. Alter Bridge - "The End is Here"
"Amazing, brooding guitars and Myles' voice. Makes me close my eyes and move my head ever so slightly."

8. Queen - "Play the Game"
"Hell, it's Queen. What else needs to be said."

9. System of a Down - "Suite-Pee"
"I heard this song on a road trip a year before anyone had heard of SOD. All I could say was 'what in the f*ck was that?' and then 'I love it!'"

10. Gene Simmons - "Radioactive"
"I had Kiss posters in my room at six, much to the chagrin of my very Christian, very straightlaced mother. I guess she should have seen my future in the rock n roll Devil's Society way back then."

James gave us his list in David Letterman, countdown style, so don't let the suspense kill you as you read to #1.

10. Korn - Freak on a Leash
"I love this song! It reminds me of all the fun (and kinky) things I do with my wife!"

9. Kiss - "Detroit Rock City"
"This was my first exposure to glam rock. I’ve been playing music ever since."

8. Clutch - "The Mob Goes Wild!"
"This is a high energy song I love hearing right before I get on stage."

7. Queensryche - NM-156
"I heard this song first in the eighties and I realized that rock could be technical and still RAWK! I’m such a geek! LOL"

6. Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C. - "Walk This Way"
"See we can all rock together! Rap and Rock…Can live and play together and still have a great time doing it!"

5. Placebo - "Pure Morning"
"This song, for me, restored my faith in rock and roll in the nineties."

4. Rush - "Tom Sawyer"
"Holy bass clefs batman how do they do that? I can’t say enough about this band. All of these guys are incredible players."

3. Maroon 5 - "Sunday Morning"
"These guys are great! The mixture of pop and rock grooves this band produces are addictive and intoxicating. Anyone for cocktails? I heard 'Harder to Breathe' and the cover band I was in at the time immediately learned it!"

2. Cheap Trick - "ELO Kiddies"
I’ve always been a fan of Cheap Trick. The antics of Rick Neilson with all his crazy guitars, definitely some cool eye candy mixed with some cool music and you get a great band.

1. Weird Al Yankovic - "The Alterative Polka"
"I’m definitely the clown in the band so I love to laugh and make other people around me laugh as well."

Crossfade's debut album is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store.

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