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    Dalida Biography

    Popular singer and sometimes actress of Italian origins, born on January 17th 1933 in Cairo, Egypt.

    Instantly recognizable because of her trademark thick Italian accent while recording in 7 different languages in a career that lasted more than 3 decades, she recorded approximately 500 songs in French, 200 in Italian, and additionally sung in German, Spanish, Japanese...

    She never stopped recording and touring until her untimely death in 1987.

    All of her releases are now officially released under the Universal label, originally they were almost all done for the Barclay and Orlando labels.

    She lived most of her adult life in France, after moving there in her early 20s and began recording in 1956 having enormous success with her first single "Bambino".

    She died on May 3rd 1987 in Paris as a result of a barbiturates overdose, leaving a suicide note that reads (translated): "Life has become unbearable... Forgive me.".

    She is buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre and a life-size statue of the singer stands alongside her tomb.

    She is the sister of Bruno Gigliotti (alias Orlando (7)), who was her manager for a long time.

    She has reportedly sold more than 100 million records, achieving among others 55 gold records, while 2 reached platinum in France. She is also the first singer to ever be awarded a diamond disc.

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