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    Darkstar Biography

    Group Biography

    The band DarkStar was formed in 1989 on an eclipse. We started this project with the intention of being an all-original band, but soon we fell into the trap of the cover bars. Not long after we started playing out, we tested out some of our original sound within the cover songs. Finding that this was going over well, and after 3-4 years of playing out 3-6 nights a week, we decided that bars and clubs were no longer in our best interest. So, we went into our practice spot and began to play all our own stuff. We wrote the debut self-titled CD within 3 months. We then set a studio date and recorded the DarkStar CD in less than 10 hours. We released DarkStar in 1995 and got a lot of attention from the media and the Biz. We have won many awards and honors. One such honor is being voted Number 1 in the world for having the coolest music site. Thank you so much. Another is being picked in 1996 to be a semifinalist in the unsigned band competition for Musician Magazine. We have a hit on Internet radio; this can be heard thoughout our site. We have just signed an international recording contract. The release of that project is expected to hit the Internet stores about Nov / Dec '99. All this time we have maintained complete control over our music and plan to keep it that way. The new lineup includes two new members. Feel free to visit our site to keep up-to-date.


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