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    Darude Biography

    It all started with a brilliantly engineered sound that´s increased in frequency, until it sounds like an alarm following you through the track. It left no chance but dance for your life. The sound developed into a track, which has been one of the most popular dance tunes around the Europe this year. The track was named "Sandstorm" and it started to dominate, first the Finnish dance- and single charts, and eventually it made people go wild even in UK. Darude performed in BBC´s Top Of The Pops -program in June 2000 where he had the pleasure to play the track which was number three on UK´s single chart, and this was just a beginning… Darude ( his real name is Ville Virtanen) found dance music years ago through the radio. When he was still in school, about five years ago, he bought his first PC and started to put up German-style happy hardcore with tracker programs. However, the possibilities of the PC didn´t satisfy Darude for long and soon he started to work with sound modules and samplers. He made music with the thought that someday his tracks would make it big time.

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