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San Francisco’s Dead To Me formed in 2003 shortly after One Man Army called it a day and OMA’s founding members—Jack and Brandon—sought out other SF punks to shore up the lineup of a new, more dynamic band. With two vocalists, this new band could further improve on Jack’s silver-smooth voice. Thus entered Fat Wreck Mailorder wiz, and bassist for Western Addiction, Chicken. His real name is Tyson, but at some point (this is pure speculation, mind you) there was a family gathering where some none-too-clever uncle was like, "Tyson…Tyson Chicken!”. Nice one, dude. In any case, Chicken was quick to recruit his cousin and best friend Ian to play drums. Apparently, the same hilarious uncle was fresh outta snappy epithets, so he’s still just Ian.

Chicken had just emerged from a successful trip to rehab for alcohol and drug abuse, and having exorcised those demons, Dead To Me was a fitting outlet for the lad. Cleaning up must’ve really inspired Chicken as he penned the bulk of the material off their debut release, Cuban Ballerina. Much of Dead To Me’s songs deal with addiction and recovery, while others address strife around the world: war in Iraq and expanding prison systems, for example. Not in the clumsy “Oi, smash the state!” kinda way, but in the same reverent and poetic manner that bands like Screeching Weasel tackled personal politics.

It didn’t take long for Dead To Me to get a local following; and in light of the band’s, pedigree it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their very first show was packed. Every subsequent show around SF-town has been sold out or full of people anxious to see this talked-about band. No one can deny that these kids know how to network and build a buzz. They worked on songs for many months, played shows with Swingin’ Utters, The Briefs, NOFX, Adolescents, worked on songs some more…then were offered a record deal with Fat!

Next up, Dead To Me entered San Francisco’s Motor Studios in early 2006 to capture Cuban Ballerina. They recruited Alex Newport (At The Drive In, The Locust, etc) to produce their baby, and the result is a punchy and raw punk rock masterpiece that far exceeds the praise they’ve already garnered locally. Fans of One Man Army will be blown away no doubt, but this band’s two-pronged punk rock delivery will appeal to a broad range of the genre’s enthusiasts. There’s no limit to what this young quartet can accomplish, and you can expect to see Dead To Me on tour all throughout the land in support of Cuban Ballerina.

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