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The Day of the Death is upon us as Death By Stereo prepares to unleash their Epitaph debut. With a harmonious genre blending combination of punk, hardcore and metal, Day Of The Death showcases an array of aggregated sounds, sarcastic tones and a the superior sense of melody that makes Death By Stereo one of the most talked about up and coming bands.

From they're inception, this Southern California based five-piece has captivated audiences with their audacious live shows and given the middle finger to everyone who huddles behind a musical label. Born out of the same local scene that germinated such diverse artists as Korn, Offspring and No Doubt; Death By Stereo distinguished themselves with they're intense performances while making sure that they never taking themselves so seriously as to exclude their natural sense of fun and wit. "It's all about the live shows," explains vocalist Efrem Schultz. "Meeting people, playing shows, loud music and getting people off, that's why we play music."

With the release of If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die on Indecision Records in 1998, Death By Stereo supplied their growing fan base with a manifesto for greater things to come. Self produced and engineered by the Death's own bassist, Paul Miner, `If Looks Could Kill' introduced the underground music scene to the band's instant classic hardcore anthems that dare to merge both anger and fun. Following up the success of If Looks Could Kill, Death By Stereo teamed up with Epitaph for the release Day Of The Death. Once again self produced and engineered by Paul Miner, Day Of The Death further places emphasis on the bands astounding musical ability.

Aided by the new addition of guitarist Dan Palmer, founding guitarist Jim Miner now bounces his nitrous fueled licks off the a sonic wall provided by Palmer. Tracks like `Lead A Man To Reason' and `Holding 60 Dollars' bristle with the duo double trouble guitar attack. "The Death needed a strong second guitarist and Dan more than fills that position," asserts Jim.

Dan is also quick to comment on their symbiotic relationship adding, "Jim is known for his strong writing abilities, but technically he's a freak. He challenges me as a guitar player and I'm totally into that."

Rounding out the bands line-up is drummer Bill Bender whose signature hard hitting beats fuel Death By Stereo's heavy sound. Benders' drumming is so precise and anarchic in form that it baffles listeners, begging the question "How in the hell did he do that?" Benders' beats are a definite highlight throughout Day Of The Death.

Day Of The Death is the rarest of albums, packing a musical punch with a sense of humor and purpose aimed at thrilling its audiences. Strapped with the best of what punk, metal and hardcore have to offer Death By Stereo defy the definitions and take their music to an honest place unhindered by the pit of having to fit someone else's mold.

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