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Derek Trucks is one of the most celebrated and revered guitarists of his – or any – generation. Since beginning to front his own band at age 12, Derek has astounded the music world with his remarkable slide guitar. As if having his own band and being a full time member of the Allman Brothers Band wasn’t enough, in 2006 and 2007 Trucks was tapped by Eric Clapton to join the guitar legend’s world tour as a featured soloist. Since gracing the cover of Rolling Stone for their “New Guitar Gods” issue and being hailed by none other than Carlos Santana as “the anointed one,” Derek Trucks is bringing his band’s music to a new height with the highly anticipated new album Already Free.

The chemistry between the band members in this ensemble is undeniable – a result of heavy touring and fearless improvisation. The Derek Trucks Band is known for their amazing live performances, led by Trucks’ soaring guitar work, and backed by the impressive individual talents of this band.

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