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It began in a simpler time when Morgan Phalen and Tim Traynor met in Rockport, Mass. As teenagers stranded indoors for the season in their cold and remote New England beach town, they would kill time recording songs onto cassette in the attic-using whatever was close at hand: accordions, steel plates, fine crystal, old synthesizers, watering cans Their novice alchemy transforming shards of rusty metal and glass fragments into dark little musical gems. In 2003, the two found one another in the same zip code once again-this time in Queens NY--and hatched a radical plan: to write some good honest rock 'n' roll songs. No consideration would be given to the trend of the moment or stylistic consistency. Diamond Nights would be conceived in the spirit of records on which they were weaned, both revered and forgotten, where songs would run the gamut from heavy rock to ragtime jazz to traditional folk music. So it was that a collection of songs was born, devoid of pretension, rife with hooks, both asynchronous and universal in appeal.

Singer/guitarist Phalen and drummer/backing vocalist Traynor joined forces with lead guitarist Rob Laakso and bassist S.D. Rumsey to realize their vision of unadorned raw rock beauty. Their live debut snowballed into a succession of packed shows in their adopted NYC, generating rabid word of mouth and early critical raves. Before long, Diamond Nights would be cited as the most promising of the bunch at 2005's South By Southwest musical battle royale by NEW YORK magazine, and their “The Girl's Attractive” would land at #9 in BLENDER's ‘20 Songs You Must Download,’ all despite the band having yet to release a record!

On May 10, the absence of commercially available Diamond Nights music officially came to a long overdue end with the release of the 5-song Once We Were Diamonds EP. From “Destination Diamonds” opening solicitations to mess around to the closing “Buddies” (a new millennial nod to Gary Glitter's Rock & Roll Pt. 2: a one-word singalong!), Once We Were Diamonds was all highlights: The BLENDER-approved “The Girl's Attractive” was featured on TV's ALIAS, while “Saturday Fantastic” fast-tracked its application to the weekend anthem hall of fame.

But hey, size isn't everything and Once We Were Diamonds is proof: Some part of its ample charm draws from a brevity that leaves listeners salivating for more. But fear not: In addition to extensive touring, we are promised a debut full length from Diamond Nights no later than this fall. And early indications are that it exceeds expectations, featuring further interpretations of the Diamonds' DNA as infectious and varied as viruses: Fresh versions of two or three of the EP's favorites, a few more adrenalized uptempo rockers (“City Of Love,” “It's A Shokka”), a little cocky acoustic shuffle (“Snakey Ruth”), a straight up ballad (“Ordinary Life”), and one or two downright unclassifiable moments (“Check out Red Hex”-what is this, T Rex meets the Residents?--and get back to us).

So enjoy the EP, look for the LP to extend your summer, and keep an eye out for Diamond Nights to fall on your town soon.

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