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It has been a long strange trip for Aaron Carter. One marked by a worldwide string of gigs, a vast nation of listeners, and endeavors both personal and collaborative. But success did have its’ humble beginnings, found within a young kid fascinated by the power of music in his church. The energy was contagious in the Compton congregation he grew up in, and music was at the driving core. It seems a logical direction, then, that he would come to pursue becoming a DJ. By the late 80's he was spinning hip-hop and spending hours locked away as a 'bedroom B-boy” mastering his scratch technique.

Fate takes us down some winding paths; his was no exception. In 1989 Aaron found his niche buried among the warehouses of the then-fetal Los Angeles rave scene. The new music made quite an impression, to say the least. His record crate began to reflect the minimal Acid House sound that had caught his ear. (Including early tracks by the likes of Frankie Bones, Joey Beltram, and the seminal WaxTrax records.) He began spinning gigs in the local underground and immersing himself in the culture.

It was around 1993 that Aaron sought to transcend the turntable's technical limits, so he enrolled in the Music / Recording Arts program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA. This is where he came to meet Steve Barry; a newfound friend and musical accomplice. It proved to be fruitful both as a friendship and career move. By 1995 the production duo Cirrus was born, and it would only be a mere six months before they were signed to the industry-titan Moonshine with their first release ('Future').

Things quickly started to get interesting for the Cirrus camp. The next year witnessed two successful 12” single's climbing the Billboard Dance chart, with Superstar DJ peaking among the top 10 and Break In not too far behind. This success put them in-demand with forefront opportunities in remixes, re-licensing and collaborations. By the millennial dawn they were on the road cementing their reputation; playing live to the rave massive's as a headliner of the now-classic Moonshine Over America tour. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ten years, three critically acclaimed albums, one solo mixed CD, many radio and even more [film/television – see full discography] soundtracks later you'll find that Aaron is still striving for the next level. Having recently fulfilled his end of an exclusive recording contract, he now has the freedom to pursue his own musical endeavors, as well as getting back to his DJ roots spinning a string of North American gigs.

“I'm excited about exploring new creative projects and I feel like the timing in my career couldn’t be better!” says Carter. With this newfound motivation comes Aaron's latest work, Hunter; his first solo production effort in a string of upcoming tracks.

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