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A shining new star named DJ Encore has emerged in the galaxy of pop-dance. Along with his vocal partner Engelina, the pair has dazzled the world courtesy of their smash debut single, "I See Right Through To You."

Only 22, the Copenhagen-based DJ (real name: Andreas Hemmeth) was born into a musical family - his mother teaches music; his father is a music consultant. As a child, Andreas learned to play piano, guitar and taught himself how to mix music on his computer. Two years ago, he took up DJing and garnered DJ residencies at three local clubs spinning pop and trance as he worked on his own music. While engineering at a recording session for Funkstar Deluxe at a hometown studio, Andreas met a representative from Sony Music publishing. Impressed by the demos Andreas played for him, the representative heard something in the grooves and suggested that Andreas should meet Engelina, a talented chanteuse and songwriter who came from an opposite musical background. "He knew Engelina and asked me if I wanted to write with her," recalls Andreas. Engelina, a jazz/soul singer whose father is a songwriter and grew up singing with her two older sisters, appeared to be the perfect Yin to Andreas' Yang. "I said of course. The first time I wrote with her, it was like, 'Whoooaa! This is good!'" "I thought that it would be interesting to work on something so different from the background I came from," adds Engelina. "The environments that he creates really inspire me."

After their initial meeting, the two set aside some time to write together. Andreas produced "I See Right Through To You," which become the theme to the Big Brother show in Denmark. Engelina contributed melodies, vocals and lyrics and the song became an instant, yet unexpected hit. "I went skiing in France when the TV show started," explains Andreas. "I came back and had four different record deals waiting for me. It was so unexpected." With "I See Right Through To You" blazing up the charts, the pair signed to Universal and traveled to England, Germany, Belgium and Sweden to write and collaborate on the songs that now compose their debut album, Intuition. "We made music that we thought was fun and went with it," says Andreas. "There was really no plan. It's all been a surprise and we've done what we thought was right and fun to do. We didn't think about writing another hit. We're writing songs, telling stories and working through our intuition."

Boasting a wealth of sounds, emotions and textures, Intuition displays a musical maturity beyond the duo's years. The ballad "Out There" remains close to Andreas' heart, while pumping tracks like "High On Life" hint at the forthcoming live show that'll be full of musicians and dancers. As DJ Encore Featuring Engelina's "I See Right Through To You" continues to dominate the European charts alongside the album's second single, "Walking on the Sky," the first single has begun to infiltrate American radio in key markets. "It is a huge dream to have our music played in America," says Andreas. "We wrote the single for a TV show in Denmark that became a hit, and now that people in the USA want to hear it is amazing. We don't want to expect too much, and can't wait to tour America and play some gigs."

Now that they've burst onto the global music scene, what do their musical families think of Intuition? Andreas laughs. "My father plays classical music, but he loved the melodies. That's the most important thing for me and Engleina." Engelina beams: "My dad, who is very critical since he is a musician, thought that our album was clever and well-made. He said that he thought that it sounded very perfect." In this case, father really does know best.

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