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    DJ Irene Biography

    For more than 15 years, DJ Irene has played a pivotal role in the Los Angeles club scene. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, this DJ diva has proven to be fearless behind the turntables. Her ninth high-powered mix compilation, Global House Diva on UC Music, put forth an effort that produced results. Having sold more than 30,000 units to date, she marks that CD as her mission of love. Currently holding one of the longest residencies in the L.A. club circuit at The Arena, Irene prides herself on playing some of the hardest, energetic and driving house music available. Her ability to entrance her audience with her electrifying sets has made DJ Irene a household name. Famous for her hard signature sound, Irene is also in high demand as a guest DJ. As Irene continues to expand her presence in the club and rave scene, she has forced some of the nations' most famous events, including New Year's Eve in New Orleans for Free-Base Society, the ESDJCO Jet Set Tour, as well as the Zen Festival in Phoenix. Irene's passion for Djing and making music is the people. She vibes off their energy, playing whatever will "keep them going all night." Irene believes in staying focused on the positive and never losing sight of what is important. Her latest release, Audio Underground, incorporates all of these elements into one essential mix with something for everyone.

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